I am a switch,  I kneel and submit my body mind heart and soul to one,  whilst I dominate others.  I can say this with confidence,  because my life has attained balance.  It’s taken time admittedly to have the confidence and the self assurance of my mind to allow me to say this.  But trusting the cosmos,  and golfing weight and strength to the people around me in my family, that allow me and in some cases force me to be me, has given me the balance I didn’t have before I met them.

Of course i am referring to the Brightflame family.  And this past is one of several I plan to make to show the true strength and love I have been given by these amazing people.  There balance is delicate and I have in the past made correlation between the feelings I show and a pendulum. I swing both ways you see, from Sadist to slave, dependant upon the mind and state of mind at the time. The more observant of you will see that the balance was defined in my posts, and if you do get to visit you will see it in the way I react to others.

Now I could wax lyrical about how and why,  but pain facts seem to be a better idea at this time, so let’s see if I can explain this. 

I first noticed this trait when I found that if I was hit or scared or frightened even, my tastes desires and actions become more slave thee worse I feel. Some times you might see me so slaved that you can’t imagine me any other way.  Other times I have been reminded to tone down my desires and  manner as I frightened the dommes around me. It took me time to work out a happy balance between the two, but with the help of a kind and wise woman, I have finally worked that out.

Being able to focus my submission on one person has allowed me the gift of time and so peace to think and figure out how best to react to situations that arise both with my girl and with others that are around me.  But the twist goes far deeper than most can see from meeting me in world.  And whilst the cosmos had a plan for me, some things you have to work out for yourself. Indeed it’s often remarked switches are the hardest to keep in collar as the swinging scythe of emotional mood, has nothing that will stop it.  But this is far from the true case in my mind. The reason  is obvious.  Even if it took me nearly Twenty six years to figure out.  The focus upon  a single owner who has the patience and courage to be true to her and me of course is paramount.  But the bond we have formed is perhaps the strongest I have ever felt.  And that bond leads me to the collar I wear bring the last one I will ever wear.

So yes,  hi  I am Rose Brightflame,  a slave to one and a domme to others. I am balanced and I try to be fair. I’d like to say I am the best I can be, but I think that bit still needs work. But I do strive to be the best I can.


Love and sparkles r xxx