Hey world!  Welcome to yet another of my round up posts, to help you understand where I am at, and to serve a little light on local issues, quash a few rumours.  Who knows might even surprise you!.

So let’s start with a bit of tree management. In this case family trees. Now the wise amongst you will know this, but here’s how a tree grows.  You take a tree seed, plant it. Water it, nurture it. OK?  So you will see the tree, spread itself.  The trunk glitches way to branches, the branches give way to twigs and then leaves are grown.
Well families are like trees. In the case of the” seed” got planted when two of the founders found a third.  Hymalaya( laya) and Chalcedony ( smartyboobs / chally ) and Brace, Made up the seeds in this case and polymorously married.
The branches from this strong trunk include, Joline ( JOJO)  Everest (Eve) Rose (moi), Jinrai (jin) Joyful( joy) Tenshi, Tanja, Paulinia, Ceraph, leanna, Onexia, Laithesduve , Zazel.Lorin,.

And the BDSM bit, works like this.

Brace  head Mistress, owns  Rose, Laya, Chally,Eve Jin,Laithes and Onexia.
Laya owns , Joy, Ceraph.
Eve owns Tenshi, Tanja.
Rose owns, Paulinia.
Zazel owns Joline.

OK now the harder bit….. Let’s explain a few of the extended family.
So for example. My sisters are  eve and Laura.  Laura who recently married Shiro Furse. Retains the family tree,  even though being a vixen she’s working her own tree and branching out….. She’s still family.Now then, Being married  means that, Shiro becomes my brother.

Ok so far? Well let’s really give you a head ache.   Daughters…. In the traditions of families  the women do get pregnant.  Not always by conventional means.  So  in our case,  being that we are comprised of  Goddeess’s Demons, Vampires and an astral entity. We get to roll a dice with pregnancy

Rose’s daughters are twins, Hymalaya and Joline.
Eves daughters are twins, Tenshi Tanja.
Laya’s daughter is  possibly Joyloon. ( fingers crossed still mid term)

Confused yet?  Well let’s add relationships into this section then.

Brace is my Mistress, lover, wife. Paulinia is my lilgirl, partner and wife. Eve, Laura and Shiro are my sisters and brother. Laya and jojo, are my daughters.  Tenshi and Tanja are Eves daughters. That makes them  my neices. And Tenshi and Tanja are partnered.  Now into this mix,  we add that although jojo is Zazels sub, and partner ( 7years well done!) she is currently expecting layas baby. Who until the seer, is finished scrying. May or may not turn out to be laya reborn. Only the cosmos will know!  Laya however also mated with joy at an eclipse. So there is every chance that joy May have” fathered”  herself a rebirth as joyloon. Again only the cosmos knows!

Rubs temples. Still with me?  OK let’s change the topic. 

Rumours mill.
There’s been a flurry of notices out of the dark ones play Pitt.  It seems the officers ( inserts sniggering here as the two 19yr olds  are  mistresses…. Still makes me giggle)   are trying to keep control of the sand pits they play in, but people who know better are playing them as fools and running them ragged. Now me I am keeping well out of this club.

Not only are dumb and dumber, digging their own reputations amongst the lifestylers that are watching.  But they are also reflecting on ( or tarnishing depends how you see this)  the proud ownership of the club they run in dark ones name.  The Last four notices they sent out show these truth of their knowledge and control of the situation.  Needless to say  I am ordering more tissues as the vindication of earlier posts brings me no joy. But the notices are making me laugh so hard I am crying. Seriously some one needs to tell these people they are fast becoming the laughing stock of the lifestyle they “Claim to be Dominas ” of. And me?  They can’t even blame me for posting this.  As  They are causing this one on their own! We shall keep an eye on the developments.

Rumours of partnership….

Well see I think there’s something in the mountain air.   Not only has the angel sisters Tenshi and Tanja partnered. Which by the way is in my honest opinion a damn fine thing congratulations!  But also  an other pair of subbies in the family have sought to tie the knot.. And yes  even I, who said  “no never again!  ” has fallen to the persuasive power of mountain air.  So let’s make this easy to you all to get your heads around  Rose Brightflame is now partnered to  Paulinia Brightflame. Which by the way completes  the cycle and circle I predicted  long ago on an air ship ride. And before any one says word, let me say a few.

” Mon Amour sait, a su et saura ressentir la vérité. Elle sait que je l’ai aimée dès l’instant où mon âme a touché la sienne. Et je suis heureuse de pouvoir dire en toute conscience : “elle a a dit «oui» sans hésitations ni regrets

Last in the list of rumours floating about, Is that rose has returned to scribbling words into Erotica stories again, this rumours is completely with foundation and true.  KyrlKaladone is  the culmination of four tiny stand alone stories, that kinda made sense to me to write at the time. And now need to be pushed polished and played with.  Until they become one story. 

Before I sign off, and not because I am pity partying or any of that bullshit.  I want to say a few words about water.  Rain specifically.  Rain is wet!  It sprinkles the ground and makes things grow. It gives life.  fills  rivers, Lakes, seas,   but in balance,  rain can take life,  destroy the strongest building, And crippled the hopes and dreams of a nation.  and  yes  it  can fill your heart with fear.

Water Management In the united ( laughs sarcasticly) kingdom Had Been Ignored,  cut or Filled Away For Rainy Day. So When For Example  the river Irwel Burst It’s Banks,  and the flooding started. Our government, sat on its fat collective asses and did nothing . Oh they put out the minimum possible defences, sure. But sending the army in to fill a few sandbags, didn’t stop the torrents from washing away the hotel I was in. Didn’t stop the rain from causing billions of pounds worth of damage.  Didn’t stop the cars and trucks buses and trams from being thrown around like toys.  Didn’t help the thousands of displaced. Homeless, frightened, pennyless, and in a few cases utterly destroyed families and residents of this supposedly great nation.

Didn’t stop the evacuation of frightened humans  from the homes to hotels across oh….wait……it did make  you fat fuckers richer though…. points finger at Osbourne!…and you coke head..couldn’t even do a tv or radio  announcement …during this troubled time.  But you could continue to enjoy the festive season in rehabilitation! Or did you think we didnt notice?

I won’t complain about my losses, suffice is to say you can now fit my worldly goods into one duffle bag. But I am safe, I am warm and dry and stuff can be replaced!

Love You All Rose xxxx