Here we have Laura my sis, Shiro her mate, and mal.  But fifteen minutes later  we  had  Laura Furse-Brightflame Shiro  Furse-Brightflame and Mal Desoto-Brightflame. And so the balance is restored! 

Also in recent news,  we held our first type Saturday nooner dance, with dj mal,  spinning the tunes and a good time was had by all! I have to say not only was it good tunes and good company but also we had a good laugh,  and welcomed the new year with laughter! 

Sunday saw Us with the Sunday formal nooner followed  by the later Sunday formal. And I got to dance with Mistress on both occasions. 


A word on boobs!

Now some of you may have noticed that our chally and I have a peculiar fetish that kinda keeps reading its head. We  enjoy being huge.  Now in our case it is a bit like chalk and cheese. Chalcedony is tiny. Ok she’s about knee high. And in her defence,  she’s likely to say how she perfectly formed.  Before bursting into fits of Giggles. Now at the other end of that stick, is me.  I am currently eleven feet two inches tall. So huge?  Well dears, we are talking tits.

The end result of our continued debates,  is actually rather exciting.   Control of the boobs, is now firmly in the hands of my mistress, both for me and for Chalcedony. We can grow by several means.  But we can’t shrink without permission.  Shop expect to see at least two Brightflames that may or may not end up like this.


And yes that is the smallest Brightflame in our arsenal!  Our plans have given us codicils on sub texted theories to play with, both concerning growing and more importantly what happens if we become imobile through our expansion.  Stray tuned I will let you know as this goes on   but for now  you should know that we both state this with a chest / bra size of 200 inches.  As  a base….