So many changes,  so many friendships,lost and found, so many tears  that flowed down my cheeks. And so when in doubt I was  forced to retreat into my shell.  To observe from the spy glass, and to take stock of life and see what is important to me. This is why there has been little activity  both here and in the  story site.  But still the hive of activity in reality and SL,   continues to  thrum its way. New opertunities arise  almost daily, and  information that comes from unexpected sources  brings both  joy and sadness on the wind.


So heres a few of the changes to  My  SL for the new year…Mistress has kindly allowed me to attempt a  challenge  this year, which has pread to two  fold  challenges  rolled into one.  And the other changes listed here are  more  emotionally  charged.

  • I am Partnered to my petal !
  • I am to stay in my” ten”  for most of the year apart from sailing and two other  exceptions
  • I am no longer  gifted the abilty  to shrink or remove my expanding breast  forms, without  permission.
  • Since my failure with Cidri, I may not collar another without  Mistress`s  permission.
  • Friends requests  must now be routed through  My Mistress.
  • I may no longer wear ” Pink”   without  direct authorisation.
  • I may or may not be capped  for mesages and im`s.
  • I will maintain a link to  Sailing
  • I will cruise once a month.


People go and people stay, like the tides. A few I remove,  A few  remove themselves. the  rare list is the  “Blocked  and muted  ” list and the even more rare group still are ” derezzed” buton the whole  SL  is like  RL   friends come, freinds go, for reasons we mostly dont know to be fair.

Some diplomacy was required over the yule tide period and as such my  102 friends list is now less than  75. Its almost spring cleaning ! But I have to say, some people have been removed this yule  simply  due to their choices  and  changes in their  choices and limits have prompted me to  remove then  and add a few to the rare list.  Trust has a lot to do with this,  but also the words  “emotions, feelings and disgust” feature in my  choices of friends..

After the amount of tears that have flooded Mistress`s shoulder, I have  chosen to restrict my friends list additions mostly to save me pain. And as such will now pass all requests to My Mistress and Owner.


Its with some sad regrets that i have chosen to set the pacha aside for a while, and let her rest perhaps a perminant retirement for her. We have had some real fun with the pacha over the last year, But  yesterday at the Rainbow  cruise  a  choice was made that changes  the  reasoning for the pacha to be there, as such  I now run the Bandit IF  a new challenge !

Also  we  enjoyed the  first  2 hour cruise of the eyar yesterday  with Rainbow Sails Yacht`s Club.   and  really enjoyed it  even though LL  had decided to do  maintance !

Yet more  sadness as  Topless Sailors  closes its doors…Rather than struggle to keep the cruises going and run them as a sad reflection of their former selves, The management have decided it is best to draw a line and take a break from them. The Topless cruises have been great fun,In fact  Its  something  i really got a kick out of  doing  even though i  did spend some  great times totally nude on the sea bed  holding improptue  tea parties  with   my   good friends lucka  gypsy and  deni ! Any one who has  been to the depths  and archives of the   Flickr will see the  fun we had..   I am  both proud and grateful to have been able to play a part in The topless Sailor  legend!  We have all made good friends, so it is with genuine sadnessthat ther managements come to this decision. But I join with othes  and hope they will be remembered in all their fun and wacky glory. And who knows  maybe  one day  ….

So I  am laying here  on the deck of my  new boat….  typing this out to you  .. and making a  choice to post better and more  posts…  as water laps the side of  the  boat, I am reminded that  people are like  tides..  they come  they go ….