The collar around my neck, signifies my willing and total submission to my Owner. But more than that,  the collar symbolism shows others that I adhere and agree and comply with my Mistress’s rules and way of life. But this got me to thinking,  I wonder how many people who take the glamour of kneeling, and a collar or the whole pomp and ceremony of being accepted to collar in a binding contract, actually have had seen or understood the rules that go with such an item? 

Your collar signifies ownership, of you, your body belongs to the owner, your actions belong to the owner. Not only are you their ambassador but also you are their representative.  What you do reflects on them. How you do something reflects on them jay as the words you use reflects on them.  So with that in mind I thought I would highlight a few of the rules that seem to be slightly completely forgotten.

1, be mindful that your actions have consequences.
2, always remember your owner is responsible for you
3, your owner misses mistress master dom or domme can and will be judged by his or her own peers on your actions and words.
4, the reflection of your owners power, skill, knowledge and care is shown by the way you display your owners power skill knowledge and care.
5, ignorance is not an excuse.
6, the collar is there even when you take it off.
7, am owner is all powerful, he or she sees hearts and gets to know about everything you do eventually,
8, good things take time to filter back  bad things don’t! 
9, if in doubt ask the only stupid question is the one you DON’T ask.
10, think to your self what would my owner do, if it sounds like they wouldn’t, then you shouldn’t!