So today’s lecture is on two topics interweaved together by yours truly firstly the roles and some of the more basic expectations on them and secondly the un written rules that some seem to forget when taking collar.
first question open to all is .. who knows the difference between submissive and slave ?
Tenshi Brightflame raises hand.
Joy Brightflame /m raises my hand
Rose Brightflame okies tenshi you got theer first on my screen so lets hear it 😉
Tenshi Brightflame There’s one word to tell the difference… “no.”
Rose Brightflame yes quite right
Rose Brightflame joy your definition ?
Joy Brightflame Well mine is much more technical. But it is all a matter of degrees in the power that a person lets anther have over them. and the rights and responsibilities that they are given.
Rose Brightflame well in essence your both right
Rose Brightflame the only actual difference between the two submissive and slave is the word no subs can use it slaves can’t
Rose Brightflame Everything else is degrees of submission true enough but really when you you boil it all down its smoke and mirrors
Tanja Brightflame nods “ohhh….” takes notes
Joy Brightflame raises my hand
Rose Brightflame its theer to mystify and confuse to challenge and to create more mind games . simply put its extra topping on the cake
Rose Brightflame Nothing more
Joy Brightflame raises my hand
Ceraph Brightflame blinks and crosses her legs while listening with an curious look on her face
Rose Brightflame yes Joy ?
Tenshi Brightflametakes notes – she blushes as her bust squeezes under the pressure she gives onto the note pad.
Joy Brightflame () I would disagree with that “I slave can and should say ‘no” when asked to do something by someone other than there owner. Much like Joseph in the Od testament was a slave to Potipher and refused the advances of Potipher’s wife”
Rose Brightflame smiles broadly
Rose Brightflame the active portion of that defence is that is is to any one other than the Owner to which a slave may say no
Tenshi Brightflamemumbles. “A slave isn’t everyone’s slave…”
Rose Brightflame however the point i`m making is any owned property is owned by one or more people .
Rose Brightflame But not by thise not listed as their owner
Rose Brightflame sounds strange to some
Rose Brightflame and you will in your lives come across peiople who openly submit to any oen that smiles in a domineering way
Rose Brightflame HOWEVER the difference between sub and slave is simply that a slave cannot say no to an owner
Rose Brightflame i`ll make this point while we are heer as joy kindly pointed out the biblical quote.
Rose Brightflame MissBrace owns me
Rose Brightflame I am Her slave
Rose Brightflame If MissBrace gifts me to an other I belong to MissBrace but I will gift fullsubmission to who ever She So decrees..
Rose Brightflame I am chattel property
Tenshi Brightflame raises hand. “Uhm… Tanja and I… are we slaves? Or subs…?”
Rose Brightflame there for I am not supposed to think for me if My Owner so decrees it .
Rose Brightflame and there is the next question lined up P
Rose Brightflame My Mistress do you recall the collaring of tenshi and Tanja ?
Rose Brightflame Perhaps you can clarify this for them ?
Rose Brightflame digs through notes ..
Brace Mao-Brightflame looks at her notes
Rose Brightflame mean while .. as we reffer to notesP
Brace Mao-BrightflameI’d have to verify with your Mistress Eve, but I believe you are submissives, however, I have heard her speak of the potential of your being her slaves.
Brace Mao-Brightflame I am pretty sure neither of you have slave papers
Rose Brightflame references Mistress Both are listed as submissive with high hopes of being more . indeed Your Pet Eve has specified a desire to enhance both to a more reliable standing
Tenshi Brightflame Slave papers? *tilts head*
Brace Mao-BrightflameThat is what I recall as well
Ceraph Brightflame () i suppose there is also right to say no to that as well?
Ceraph Brightflame () just curious of course.
Rose Brightflame how so cera?
Tenshi Brightflame Well… obviously… *mumbles*
Ceraph Brightflame () well the sub gets suddenly papers of being a slave without consulting if they are actually agreeing on that as well, i am just asking that in the case of actual equality or respect on both sides.
Rose Brightflame that can’t happen
Brace Mao-BrightflameCorrect
Rose Brightflame the transition between suba nd slave is rather larger and more complicated for the owners than the sub
Rose Brightflame but in general term s
Rose Brightflame if a sub wishes to turn slave the sub approaches the owner and requests the right to move up in the world .
Ceraph Brightflame () nods
Rose Brightflame the owner then accessing the desire and need and correct mind set to do so should . ( not in all cases ) but should then consent and or make a public announcement this is usually followed by marking of a slave and then claiming all the bits of the slave
Rose Brightflame however withthe rare exception of captured slaves
Rose Brightflame or the term sometimes reffeerd to as ringed slaves
Rose Brightflame they don’t go down the sub route or they are subs whoa e captured and treated for a time locked collar to a specific term of contract
Joy Brightflame Do the Brightflames capture slaves?
Tenshi Brightflame raises her hand.
Rose Brightflame No
Rose Brightflame the desire to be part of the d/s nature here should be strong in who ever the owner spies and seduces or allows to becoem part of the family through requests
Rose Brightflame we have little or no use for captured slaves
Rose Brightflame yes tenshi ?
Tenshi Brightflame You’re using the terminus “move up” for the shift from a sub to a slave… but wasn’t a slave even lower than a sub?
Rose Brightflame this is a matter of debate
Rose Brightflame some see slavery as the lowest form
Rose Brightflame some see submission as lower
Rose Brightflame I define slavery above submission as I submitted and gifted more rights than any sub can imagine to my owner . there for in my eyes slaves are worth more
Rose Brightflame however it would be unfair to discount subs in the mannor I described when the back one of this family is submissive lead
Rose Brightflame I use the term moving up because the training and exacting standards a slave uses are far more intense than that of a sub
Tenshi Brightflamenods slowly.
Rose Brightflame this does not say that a sub is any less worthy of praise merely a term that defines the distinction between the two
Rose Brightflame My Mistress and your owners may however disagree with me P
Brace Mao-Brightflame smiles
Rose Brightflame with this said and keeping an eye on the time ..
Rose Brightflame i`d like to slip on unless you have futrther questions on this part of the topic?
Tenshi Brightflameshakes her head and takes notes.
Rose Brightflame ok .. the next section involves some rules both written and un written that sometimes slip through the cracks of life and from time to time get forgotten as they are mostly common sense however as recent events have shown it may be time to point them out ..
Joy Brightflame ()’s eyes widen at “recent events” then shrugs.
Rose Brightflame hands up question, who knows as subs which you all took a collar and contract to be.. who can tell me if you have the Rite to have a roleplay or encounter with A N OTHER without your Owners agreement and permission ?
Rose Brightflame i`m adding this question Mistress due to cidri . to clarify
Brace Mao-BrightflameYes
Brace Mao-BrightflameI am aware of that rationale
Rose Brightflame its a yes or no question do you have the rite to engage in roleplay without your owners permssion??
Joy Brightflame taises my hand
Rose Brightflame yes joy ?
Joy Brightflame It all dpends on what the sub and the owner agreed to at the start. It varies from relationship to relationship. Some are quite open others are not.
Rose Brightflame correct
Rose Brightflame hence the words without their owners persmission
Rose Brightflame if the owner agrees its an open relationship and declares it hey rp with who ever you like
Rose Brightflame NOT HOWEVER you like
Rose Brightflame but you are not consrained
Rose Brightflame this obviously means if the owner hasn’t said its ok .. you don’t have the rite to do so
Rose Brightflame until you have discussed it withthe owner
Rose Brightflame everyone following so far?
Ceraph Brightflame nods slowly
Tanja Brightflame nods
Rose Brightflame so lets make the question more inteersting
Rose Brightflame Your owners are both owned
Rose Brightflame Who has the ultimate responsibility over your conduct? as subs ..
Tenshi Brightflameraises her hand.
Rose Brightflame yes tenshi ?
Tenshi Brightflame I think, the Head of house, Lady Brace has the final word on everything… technically. But owing to the four pillars, she lets her own subs or slaves rule over their subs or slaves… as long as nothing goes wrong.
Rose Brightflame that’s half corect
Rose Brightflame yes MistessBrace is head of house there for what ever you do is hers to take responsibility for ..
Rose Brightflame how she delivers that to your owners is Her choice
Tenshi Brightflamenods slowly.
Rose Brightflame Owning to the four pillars she expects her charges all of them to act responsibly NOT just for the sake of the collar and lifestyle but also for the family name
Rose Brightflame so let me throw an example up ..
Rose Brightflame Purely hyperthetically speaking here .. one of you becomes a centre fold for a magazine that promotes rape sex..
Rose Brightflame who is responsible for you in that position ?
Tenshi Brightflametilts her head. “I think… that’s something affecting the whole family, which would bring the name on family in danger… so… that would probably be something too big for our owners…”
Rose Brightflame purely hyperthetical speaking here.. one or more of you has a affair outside th family that is silent and discrete no one knows.. the affair is fun and sexy and enjoyable and secret until the other person posts the pictures of you on flickr..
Rose Brightflame who is responsible for you in that instance?
Jinrai Brightflame wonder what this is about~scratches head~
Rose Brightflame we are talkig about who ultimately is respeonsible for sub/ slaves in the family jin
Rose Brightflame responsible*
Tenshi Brightflame I think…. that’s an injury of trust… *shrugs*
Rose Brightflame true it hurts all of us but who is responsible for it ?
Tenshi Brightflametilts her head “Since… an affair isn’t rape sex… the owner?”
Jinrai Brightflame it falls to the person that is in the owner
Rose Brightflame correct
Rose Brightflame the owner of the sub that is at fault is responsible and ultimately the head of hosue is .
Rose Brightflame as in most chained ownerships
Rose Brightflame where the owner is owned and that can be rather huge in some houses
Jinrai Brightflame anything you do reflects to the owner of the household or family
Rose Brightflame the sub / slave at fault is brought to the owner the owner to the head of house and the punishments fall the same way
Rose Brightflame is everyone clear on this ?
Jinrai Brightflame shite rolls down hill
Rose Brightflame shower of shit is NOT as fun as it sounds !
Jinrai Brightflame yes very nutty
Rose Brightflame Brace can throw down punishments to Yoru owners and by the time they are done you are in deep
Rose Brightflame so be mindful of your actions
Rose Brightflame and before any oen gets the ides that i`m imune i`m not
Rose Brightflame far far from it
Joy Brightflame () Isn’t it a violation of the trust between the sub and the owner, for punishments to be meted out by someone other than the owner?
Rose Brightflame I too own a sub that is transitioning to slave
Tenshi Brightflame tilts head and raises her hand.
Rose Brightflame again that depends on the degree of the offence
Rose Brightflame if yoru caught slagging an other off for example Laya coudl sinmply chain you and the other together
Jinrai Brightflame what shes trying to say the head of the house is Brace is
Jinrai Brightflame your owners are also at her Mercy
Rose Brightflame and grace jin yes very true
Rose Brightflame in the other end of the smame stick do well and the chocklate runs the ame way
Joy Brightflame () So my owner can be punished for my actions?
Rose Brightflame yes
Brace Mao-BrightflameAbsolutely
Rose Brightflame more than likely Will if the action is severe enough
Rose Brightflame just as praise runs the same way
Brace Mao-BrightflameYes on both
Brace Mao-BrightflameI routinely tell your owners when I am proud of you
Brace Mao-Brightflame By the same token, if you screw up, they are the FIRST to hear
Brace Mao-BrightflameI’m not shy on either
Rose Brightflame and sometimes She even looks innocent when shes doing it too P
Brace Mao-Brightflame smiles
Jinrai Brightflame innocent my foot ;p
Rose Brightflame have I missed anything apart from adventuring Mistress?
Brace Mao-BrightflameSimply put, what any member of this House and Family does reflects on their owner, on the Head of the House, and on the whole family
Brace Mao-BrightflameYes, if I may, I’d like to ask you to pick back up on the point about capture.
Rose Brightflame ahh yes point taken
Rose Brightflame actualy it rolls into adventuring
Rose Brightflame soo lets go there
Rose Brightflame ALL of us go off sim
Rose Brightflame for many reasons
Rose Brightflame some sims we explore and some we adventure through in free time or in pure desperation of finding a play time sim to explore and or to gift a sim “oh I know a good milkign sim I was theer the other day ” .
Rose Brightflame you`ve heard this i`m sure
Rose Brightflame with the advent of rlv and capture rings and that “spits left” gorean BS that is now again reating its head as a viable alternative to actual lifestyle ..
Rose Brightflame the amount of people captured and caged is on the up
Rose Brightflame any oen that keps an eye on for example blood lines will note that the instances of people added to blood cages is up nearly % on this month
Rose Brightflame so a hyperthetical question ..
Rose Brightflame IF you go out and gat captured be it in rlv or other wise ..
Rose Brightflame Who is your first second third port of call ? And more importantly Who is ultimately likely to rescue you ?
Rose Brightflame and i`d like you all to answer this question if you can
Rose Brightflame maybe one from each of the two owners ..?
Tenshi Brightflame tilts head. “I’d say… first of all, the direct Owner… otherwise, someone being online?” *quietly*
Rose Brightflame ok and from layas team ?
Tanja Brightflame nods “i agree with Tenshi”
Ceraph Brightflame Nods and mumbles “The owner if not busy i guess.”
Rose Brightflame ok joy ?
Rose Brightflame do you agree with ceras point?
Joy Brightflame Well once again, it depnds on the circumstances. If I am walking around and captured by a RLV trap and no one is around, then I will either wait for the timer to expre or safeword out of it, much like I did in the old traps in teh mines here.
Rose Brightflame true but that wasn’t the question ..
Rose Brightflame the actual answer was .. you contact Your owner in the first instance if you cant get out yourself of course.. then your protector or Mentor . then the head of house . and ultimatly its the head of house that will organise the rescue if there needs to be one ..
Jinrai Brightflame i missed most of it myself of course i wasnt told about it must have missed the memo
Rose Brightflame ok that actually concludes today’s lecture .. unless any one has questions?