Taking a Little time to sip a hot cup of tea in the early morning dawn of a Sunday,  here in down town rose central.  I cannot help but sit and wonder at the sheer incredible depths of some people, and their own shallow attempts to be subtle or to be serupticious in their activities.

After taking great pains to ensure that the procedure and the rules were clearly demonstrated and educated to the people in question.  It amazed me to conclude, that a few droplets of lust, pheromone, even the slightest sexual urge, can make people who appear to be safe, sane, and to my mind at least, well adjusted individuals, turn almost completely bat shit nuts in their attempts to fulfil some moments of pleasure.

How strange to think that this apparent temporary insanity can cause someone to loose sight of the central core beliefs that hold the group together. It begs belief that this could be possible in the upper ranks of society.  And while that statement sinks in,  and may on face value appear short sighted even selfish or snobbish in its crude posture. The realization that this madness can strike at people who I consider to be peers, is no small thing. 
Sipping the tea, and watching a cloud pass. I am left to wonder at the limit to my own knowledge.  And then I touch my collar, feel the balance, and sip my tea and smile.  Why?  Because these people are not my concern, yes they have relationships that connect us together.  But this is not strong enough to warrant my losing another moment on them. The thoughts and conclusions that I had and will come too, mean almost nothing in the great scheme of things.

So what to do now?  Well we do as any army Chaplin will tell you.  Regroup, check the notes find common ground, and attempt to rs educate and illuminate the possibility that rules set fast in tradition coveted by the four pillars that sustain our lifestyle are there for all our benefit.  Those rules I live by save my sanity, but more than that they remind me in graphical detail the standards that we must adhere to to save us and future generations from ridicule, danger and harm. 

The tea is gone, the light up high, the cloud passed, and is time to get dressed and start the day.

Till next time stay safe