And so  today  being a friday, its time to reflect a little on what has occured over the last  few days.  from the  climactic   evolution of the end of times   Tri Phasic Moon   and the   wonders of that ritual, to the mediation that  has  loomed  silently  and now is resolved with some firm and  binding agreements, and of course the  hospital visit  in  rl   that has caused me  more than enough  anxious moments. So  yes, it has been a long week.

I cant speak  much on the mediation , that process is ongoing though i will say   resolutions have been  made and  agreement is  pending the out ocome  of the agreements.   For my part the issues involving those  directly  are done and dusted as far as i am concerned. I`m hoping this  resolution  will be a long lasting one.

I can speak on the  RL  bit ,  but it`s likely i`d rant about how  unfair the system is, and  how much this was a waste of time.  The   red flaggede my  medication,   from   sleeping  and  diabetese, this is sto say they suddenly  decided my meds dont work  right together. The end result is four nights stay  in hosp  while they  change my meds to a more suitable one.  a night away  i can deal with   four  is un acceptable.

I mean to say , when they have  changed the meds for ones i was  on already, and only  addition is a meter to  say  if my  blood sugars up too high, or too low  or too much salt. so   withthe mediatin at   8 am  slt  friday   i made a choice and  left the hospital   with  assurances made that if the  meter  would alarm, i`d go back.  The mediation is more important than their  “med changes” anyway.

The culmination of the Tri Phase mon was  as it should be , in the arms of my  petal  and my  Mistress. I wont  go into detail,  but lets just say, “it was the most beautiful  ending to a   horrific time,  that  i will gladdly do again.    ” Oh and  ” did the earth move for you too?”

These past nine days have been stressfull and without a doubt costly. From the relationships its strained to the  people  that have lost out, both in terms of   collars,   relationships and  friendships  in this  drama filled point, that was clear to all that actualy  understand the core reasoning. These matters cannot be handled  any  better than they where  i think,   yes  there is a case for me  stepping aside and  letting it  blow over, but then  there really isnt  a case for that .  You see if i did if i let it slide,  if I let it go, i`d be breaking the family  rule of being true to myself.  and i have always faught for the  under dog,   or the  lost causes, its who “I” am .  But to protect a  person that is vulnerable.  Well thats just me..

So now its time to turn matters, eyes and focus,  to a more successful and brighter  future.  And this one I think  will change the face of the  world  about us …  I has a hover craft……..See you later   xxx