I dreamed of you last night

in a flimsy see-through robe

You took me in your hands

Locked me to Our bed

and kissed my vicious eyes

fondling my tiny  breasts

+(pun intended)


You laid me on our bed

undressed me like a doll

and tasted all I had

as i have done to you 

so many times ..


Your tongue was a hissing snake

your mouth was a mouth of cat

you seemed to be starved for years

You taught me how to be had

by a Mistress hot and randy

who wants to taste my juices


You made me moan and scream

It was a luscious dream.

And chained here

i await the next  dream 

with eager anticipation.

But you knew that 

when you taught me


“Is breá liom tú mo Mistress, Mo daor, Mo Mná céile, Lovers, agus Friend`s do mo Valentine `s , riail mo chroí. Tá an dá de tú mo treoracha, bheirt agaibh thástáil mo foighne, agus an dá de tú grá i.” Rose Brightflame.