Its often said that the  foolish  do not speak, for fear of being found out to be foolish ,  and this is no mistake  in  sl  as it is in real time.   But then  I still  endorse the idealism that the only stupid question is the one you dont ask,  for fear fo  being  foolish.   What follows  if you have the balance right  should be an open discussion and  debate that will allow  the parties to  resolve the  issue and then both  can  blush a  bit and move on with their lives, from what ever  foolish thing that has been done.  Sometimes this  is not the case.

I`ve said before,  I  stand up  for those who can`t or won`t,  because that is Who”I” am .. and the Brightflames  rules of being “true to yourself”   means in  direct terms , I must  ermain true to  my  core personality.   How many  times have you noted that  the avatar is run by another human with feelings and emotions?.. And in this  matter  I am   me..  online and offline  “wysiwyg ” the REAL me is   6 ft 7  tall   and  double G   breasted.  So  there is a direct  correlation  here, between me and the character rose that I  play in the  second life  sims. And it haas to be said   that I  am  Owned online and OFFLINE  by the same woman.

Recent events have  cost me a high price. It is  a price, that it seems, is likely to  continue to cost me a high price, as the  cost  will not allow the issue of the event to drop and bury itself. As a result  communication between me and the parties involved in this mess,  is strained at  best.

Drawing a line under what was a  possible   life and relationship  changing   event is never easy.  But its been done.  I drew the  line  because the parties involved would   solve theirdisputes,  and the  other parties in the event  would either , a, calm down and realise i`m  not aganst them ,  and b, realise the cost of this is greater than the event itself. Unfortunatly this  is not the case. And now, even with lines underscored, to say that i wont speak on this matter again ..  The cost of  that communication  break down. Has  become  higher.

What to do  for the best?  I have no idea,  all Ican do  is to continue to  stay  strong in my   resolution to be  Me. And pray and hope that those involved  can see that  this was nothig personal.  indeed I put  my personal feelings aside in this matter., simply to ensure that the   good  for all was  out weighing the good for the one , but in the process  I  made sure that the core differences of opoinion  are resolved.    The future  is Bright and the day is   long,  but the damage done is now done.  And this has  resulted in the communications break down that now  ensues…

I  hoped this could be resolved  amicably, and maybe a hope to return to happier times, but it seems that is not to be the case. With great joy comes great balance and that balance is a tear drop on a valentines day as once more i loose out to maintain a balance.  Till next post  be good  my  darlings   and remember   be true to You   Rose x