Her view of my prone body 

  accepting and receiving gifts of love. 

Ok  so   you may not have expected to see this graphical picture over your corn flakes,  but  i assure you its for a good reason. You see  my  darlings, Valentines day  was a dance  with  heaven ,  a drift on  clouds of  lust, of  love,  of la amour….in our case of course,  we looked at it,  scratched our heads and thought, ”  well, i can improve on that gift of  chockies and flowers..” And in  my  Owners case, well  She had something planned that  out weighed daffodills and  candy  bars…

You see  darlings,   prior to my  heading down from our castle in the clouds to  join the nooner  dance. Mistress,   unleashed her black rose whip .. and   gave me incentive….. She   whispered in my ear, the Entire time we where dancing,  turning me into a  fire ball of melting  lust,  a bit like when petal im`s me!.   or emails me about her latest tasks…  Mistress then  slipped me to the end of the sweet hearts ball, durign which iwas leashed… and off to the morphing  room, She wasted no time, stripped me, added an egg into me,  and relocked the belt in place.  Then she locked me to the  table and  well, lets just say, you could hear my  screams  all over the  sim …


End Result   …..


My  stripes I earned, with  Pride and Love and Lust,

and  trust, and respect, and its an Honour  to bear them  …..

Is breá liom tú mo Úinéir