Mistress Brace Mao Brightflame Who  Owns,

Mistress Rose  “Laithesduve ” Brightflame who owns,

Paulinia ” Petal  ” Bright flame


This is not rocket  science, its not hard to understand …The Mistressrose    kneels to ONE person  alone ..  She ALONE has the right to berate punish  or correct My behaviour. now   hers how it  SHOULD  work ..  if you feel  I have errored or  insulted you  or Your   friends   please feel free to  book time with MY OWNER  online and OFFLINE  OWNER  and   inform her of your complaint ..  BUT  I warn  you now,  DO NOT EVER  betate me in public or you will get your ass handed to you ..   in the same way  I  protect those  who are Family.

I do not tolerate fools or cowards,  or the ignorance of the  respect that the lifestyle  affords. And, in the same way, if Petal” offends”  come see Me I`m not  likely to bite your head off  or  bite you at all (  licks fangs  ) but rather I`ll judge  your complaint on the merit of the  “evidence ”  against  Her explination its called  respect..

It is something some seem to have lost recently .. people see my  blog and how i  react to  My Mistress and think they  have the right to  walk all over me  as a” subby   slut  slave ” ect ect,  well   LISTEN up  Butter cup..  I  have been in this lifestyle  longer than most of you are alive..  I am a Mistress in My own Right, and that includes a  Quallified Sadist and Torturer..  so  approach with caution if you mean to  piss me off.  Having been in this lifestyle, and adhereing to it, as  everything  from  it  to   Mentor .  for the last thirty years all told online and OFFLINE ..  I think i have the respect of those around me to say    .. IF you have a problem    with ANYthing i  do,  say,  write or type, Bring it to My Owner  Or    if your really  empowered  enough to  face me,  I`ll bring My Owner to ensure fairness,  but    the gloves will come off..


And in case your wondering, I am  a Red headed Irish woman…