1.) What does submission mean to you? Surrender? How is this different from passivity? Are the two connected? 
Would you rather surrender or be conquered? Why?

2.)What parts of you are submissive? What parts of you are dominant or a switch? How do you balance out these different parts of yourself? 

Ya know   ok,   set “a”  prompt  for  debate and dicussion,  thats one thing,   but machine gun firing  questions so  two prompts becomes ”  ten ”  questions to be answered  thats a  bit  RICH! But i`ll have a go ! cracks nkucles and sits at the  desk

What does submission mean to you?

Submission in my case, is complete total trust,   power exchange in the extreme.  In this case  this means that I trust my owner, so much, that I will not refuse Her any whim or wish She has set for me to accompish.  Some tasks  are harder than others, some painful    physically and mentally.  But i trust  Her enough to say,  I  will never refuse,  never say  no,  Never  judge nor  allow myself to question Her  request. I submit my mind  body  and  all that i am to Her  whim,  and in doing so I become Free.


Perhaps the hardest thing of all was to” surrender “complete and total  trust  and power  exchange in this way.  indeed for me it was the hardest of all.  Becasue yous ee,  I have  been thee  so many times in my  past,   that I could not and would not  allow another to  have done , knowing what I know about each of those attempts. But this  is not so. you see Dear reader,  in all the attempts,  I have betrayed the oldest human trait of all i guess, and kept a peice of me back.  Now that sounds like i didnt really believe.  But thouse of you that know me, or my past,  will know that is not true, if i commit its  100 %…  but   in truth that  was not the case, Not  really.. because  fear of being hurt  seriously hurt  keeps you just a little back  a little more reserved each time.  And lets face it, I`ve been Seriously hurt enough in real time. But  When I sat with Her, Talked to Her,   I bared  all. And make no mistake I mean ALL,  my sins,  all my kinks, all my  desires,  all my wants, and wishes and needs and I surrendered everything to Her.  I surrendered me. Willingly..

How is this different from passivity?

This ones  easier to type than for some to understand. Once you’ve learned the concepts and rules of the lifetyle,  and practiced and played  a little, the difference between active and passive surrender isn’t too difficult to figure out. Stop and take the time to think about what the focus is on, and look for tell tale signs of a passive surrender .  to be  not  fully  ommited to the core subject. . Armed with this knowledge, you can make strong statements that encourage you to think  on the  total surrender.  And the failings you have made befoe  because you didnt  commit  fully  to a  system that is designed to   allow you  to  be Free.

Are the two connected?

Ok Ok  i  read this like FIVE times !!  Are they connected ? Of course, by You, if you dont connect passivity and focused directed commitment,  your not human …   ok ok  I read it  six times…  the connectin  between the  surrender and  passivity   is  obvious  but the  question is subtle  and reffers to a deeper  philosophy. But when you boil it down ?  the conenction is  simply your desire to commit complete and total to a course that will if you let it guide your world.

Would you rather surrender or be conquered?

Having  done both in real life, I`d rather  surrender of my own free will, than have it broken  from me. Taken by force.  Coerced.


Like a flower, or fruit  that you have grown yourself, better to give the gift, than force it from a person that cannot or will not share the gift. The gift is  sweeter,  tasty   mouth fulls of  fresh sweet meats,  is a better way to add this. Forced,  it is hollow,   tasteless  and  ashen  to the mouth that it feeds.  the gift is submission,  the gift is defiled, if it is stolen.

What parts of you are submissive?

Now see this is a trick  question?, ” ALL of me  is”  I hear you call out ?.  but no, its not,   and no your not, nor am I .. you see the defination of submissive and slave is  rather  different.. So all of me ?   “no”  my  blood is my own,  my heart is my own. My thougths  whims  desires, ae my own ….   these i gift seperately  to Her.

What parts of you are dominant or a switch?

Now  your  gonna throw this spanner in the whole kit and kaboodle??  Seriously?  .. ok  lets try to  clear this one up !…I am a switch,  that means that I am dominant  and submissive. The Mistress  Rose    kneels to ONE person  alone ..This is to say,  I  Rose Brightflame Submit  myself to  Brace Mao  Brightflame. It also says that  to all other sI`m  a Mistress.  Now    heres where  the question  gets a little tricky !. what parts of me aer domme?   all of me when i`m domme.   what parts  aer  switchy ?    all of me when i`m not a domme.  what parts  are slave only ?  is the unasked question,  all of me when i`m not switchy  or  domme..  Now lets  really throw a fox in the chicken coup .. I kneel to One I own One  I  may Own More  one day  , AND I protect  six,  and I mentor twelve…   and if you work it out   come find me in world and let me know ..

what flips your switch?

This    ^ is a bonus  question !…


She does 

How do you balance out these different parts of yourself?

OK this one made me  grab a  coffee and think hard  about this .. AND your going to hate the best answer  I can come up with ….

She does ….


till next  week  .   Stay safe and know your loved..by  someone .. somewhere …