Sitting with a hot cuppa, watching the sun rise over creaks of ice water,  as the winter landscape ensures a bite frost morning.  I can’t help but be awestruck at the sheer beauty we create in these Sims. The romantic grand canyon, the sinister dungeon complex at Anitas prison. All are different minds working to achieve a specific look that is aesthetically pleasing to the eye.


Yet each in their way stamps personal details of the landscapes, and here at Mullholland drive is no exception. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder they say  I think in this case, it’s in the eyes  of the builder.  Sipping the hot drink my mind slides to the events most recent, and that brings the largest smiles. Pure happiness is possible and achievements of goals do indeed bring those smiles of genuine warmth out to brighten the world.


I learned about me a little more this week, that foolish notion that we know ourselves better than anyone, was thrown into stark indifference when, whilst testing a new skin ( more on this later!), I was reminded how “nice” I was….. Now some of you by giggle at this…..but I didn’t instead the compliment was greeted with a hug….and the penny dropped into the slot.

You see I’ve been trying my hair out trying to breach a wall that a small nymph has created in her mind,  and attempts have taken more time to work out, than I thought was possible. But, when the penny fell into place, I realised that I was being too “nice” and that was the problem. I’ve always been rather well endowed with using what I can get a point over, but it seems that was the problem. I was being too nice….

So once the mind has dropped into gear… Well big smiles!…

Then the Happiness continued to mount as other things unrelated to the small nymphs resolution,fell into place and the night was completed with a two hour dance to some really good tunes at a place called luskwood. I danced the entire time with my eldest daughter, and I really enjoyed the company and dance and banter. Culminating in my owner’s arms to drift to sleep. And dream of petal.

All good… Settled mind, has a plan., everything is well.  Of course the cosmos choose this moment to drop the largest bombshell.
And with the most reverence and honour I can muster without bursting into tears. It is my sad duty to announce that embed, beloved slave of Dark Dominia has passed away in real life.  This news has rocked a foundation of my heart.  We spent a long time talking me and me. Ok , me talking her listening, then her talking and correcting my thoughts. Helping Ie in ways that i will be unable to repay.  It got me to think of some of the happiest moments, like brushing her hair…. And discussing in in how we didn’t like this dress or that pair of shoes.  We set many worlds to rights brushing hair. And I am not alone the amount of things Embeth did for people, friends, sisters, strangers.  It’s staggering.
Embeth will be missed, but her wisdom remains, she lives on in our hearts, and though she did have a mean streak of humour, I don’t think I ever heard her raise her voice without the bubbles of laughter that came along with her shouting “Allllllyyyyyyyy”  Embeth inspired me. And will continue to inspire me.

Of course the ripple effects of this were felt throughout the interlink, those, who she touched feeling their passion and angst to others temporarily slip aside to show tears. It was truly a moment to put aside some of our differences. And simply remember this beautiful woman.

I sit, an empty mug in my hand, the suns up…. It’s bright clear and warm… A new adventure starts.

Be safe and well every one of you…

Rose 🌹