So Kara, I got to thinking…. So much has changed, so much remains the same. And I`ll be the first to tell you that I`m shocked, stunned and not a little amazed at how things have turned out thus far love. Sailing to motor bike riding, I`ve done things I never dreamed possible. And Kara you know I dreamed a lot of impossible things!

My Owner, a Kind and Warm Wise woman, has kindly, set out this memorial, to you my love, a place most fitting and a place, to sit and contemplate. She is most thoughtful and loving and I know you`d love her. As I have come to do.

Now then Love, I recently lost a good friend called Embeth, if you see her? And you won’t miss her, I promise, give the girl a hair brush and let her sit by our fires. Yesterday, Kara, I learned of a wedding, between two people I have not always seen eye to eye with. Both are as much in love, as I am with my Owner and my slave wife Pauline, and while I t would have been nice to attend, but to be fair, I can see why it didn’t happen. And I wish them both every possible drop of happiness that I have found exists.

I think to be honest, it was that it was kept from me for whatever reason that hurt, the worse more than the fact that the two partnering, do so in such a short time.. But I have to be fair here and say, that love doesn’t give a “flying fork” about how, long or short, tall, fat, thin, gender or sexuality, the others in the spotlight have to be to find love.

Yeah, I know what your thinking love, I`m saving the bit you didn’t know from last.. Though we both know, you know. If you know what I mean!.. I am now in a full fledged polygamous relationship with my slave wife Paulinia and my Mistress Brace Mao, This means that we have entered into this, in the eyes of the Three, and we are continuing to grow and evolve.. Shocked yet? Just wait till I tell you about our grand children!…..