First up on the list of updates!!!

For some time I`ve felt really, really crappy about the fact that my family all produce clothes and appliers to fit the busy world around us and I felt that I wasn’t really contributing. Oh sure I do hosting and security and I`m counselling and teaching there but, I still felt I wasn’t really adding “to the pot “so to speak ..so with this in mind and with some careful and very wise teachers a plan was formed and now with care the first three items are for sale in My Shop the MT leather and lave dept. of Mountain tops


Second update!!!

I`ve been pondering this for a while now and after a LOT of wrangling and some rather interesting debates, I`ve gone Snow white hair color, Now you may think this isnt all that important, BUT you`d be wrong …


Because along with his hair colour came a hybrid skin patch and finally.. Yes, I`ve succumbed to HYBRID status from vampire to vampire / Lycan hybrid… so, from time to time, my eyes flip black, my skin goes blue and you all become food … Surprise!!!



The formation of ToplessFlames MC.. Headed by Our Pres, Brace.. VP Chalcedony and Me as SGT we have our OWN race track ..Club house   Garage  ranges.   and out fits..! so    run what  ya brung ..   see if you can beat  the race times.  maybe even  find yourself a place  in our  family……