Some Times I hate being prophetic. I made predictions in the past, that have come to pass. And those where qwerky at best, but the latest collection of predictions have rather upset me that they have come true. I guess the worse  moments are those where the predictions have revealed the losses of people who have or will be leaving the immediately dramatic situations that we find ourselves in.

Collars and cuffs, should bring tears and smiles but truth be told the predictions didn’t cease or over look this part of the life online, and predictions ignored are worse than those that are wrong. As those predictions for some to be in collar, even those who started down this road more than once,  ended in the final closure of the chapter.  So predicted truths, such as ” I won’t collar another ” have thus rung true.

It could be said,  that knowing I made the prediction, I have steadfastly stuck the the choice and simply forced the issue to occur and turn out as I predicted, however this was not the case. In either of the viable desires. Indeed subject c, I ignored all the warnings and my own council, to press this woman into a happier collar and harry than previous attempts with others have shown. And yet still she is not mine nor likely ever to return to such a standing or trusted position as the people she plays with are no longer even trusted.

The subject t actually shot herself in the foot twice, and on the third occasion she lost respect and trust there fore she was unsuccessful and finely became almost removed. In her situation the hopes and dreams that where gifted at the start of the discussion was simply put not achievable, due to her choices in wording and proportional priorities. So in neither case could I be accused of rigging the situation to fail.

And yet the next prediction will result as in order. We  will see the split most certainly, of the family. And five will leave the nest, to spread their wings and then suddenly find themselves slid from the respected place they think they have achieved. Whilst this occurs a blame game will develop, and I predict that the heart of flames will falter.

Smiles will be worn through grid teeth as necks adorned with choices, directly display the hidden truths in public, and secrets that the owners think are secrets are thus revealed, so then the flames burn bright, as the bright flames burn.

Enduring the predictions just as I endure the insults, is part of the reason that I am me.  But being me, has both highs and lows, as Saturdays dance has shown. Forced to endure the sights and sounds of those who where released from obligation , fawn over their long term goals. And as there is no other options I must endure this.