In the last few hours I have reviewed and reflected on the mail and comments I have received from some people who are friends in a broad sense. And who have expressed relief and happiness to my release from hospital for which I am incredibly grateful and humbled to their words.

However the parting words from their comments have left a rather worrying observation on the situation with the residents of the mountain. Citing that they do not wish to state their names nor openly comment on my blog, as they are concerned er Ned such a connection would further damage my relationship with the residents of the mountain and also they would be viewed with suspicious eyes, which nay or may not include derogatory comments.

So people’s let me be blunt and crystal clear on this. I cannot any longer, speak with authority or indeed speak of the motives or those minds and family members that live on the mountain. However I can say that no one who lives on that mountain are above or beyond reproach, and I so not think anyone there has bad feelings for those that support my rite to speak and post as I do, as being anything more than observing file one of the Brightflame™ code of conduct.

Skip to those of you that have supported me during my time away from sl, a big thank you. For both your kind words and your educational comments that are constructive and well reasoned.

Love you all hugs and sparkles Rose Brightflame™