Some Points were made last night, that I had in truth not considered. And in the cold light of day, with a cuppa on the ramparts of the new home, those points now are glaringly obvious.  Well to me at least,  but to others maybe not so.

I don`t hold grudges,  I have little time left to spare for  revenge or  backhanded words to assuage an ego that  doesn’t need inflating. And while some may  not  understand the full implications of things I have said here in the past.   let me make a few points perfectly  clear so that there can be  absolutely NO  confusion over this, and maybe  we can all draw a line under it.

“Family, real  Family, does not come from your blood, (pun intended, you`ll see why in a  bit) or a name or title, it’s the people Standing around you when no one else can  or will. In our case,  they`d  probably be swinging the bat and  shouting  ” ok  whose next… ” No family is perfect… We argue We fight. We even stop talking to each other at times, but in the end, the family is family… the love will always be there. Having somewhere to go and lay my head  is home, Having someone to love and who loves me for being Me, not the image they want me to be. But being ME, that is family, Having both is a blessing, My Mother used to say  ” You should never sacrifice three things: your family, your heart, or your dignity.” wise woman My MA, because in this picture, this image in your mind,  is My hearts, My dignity, loyalty, respect, my truth.  My world  and my  lust. My  focus and My family.  The Bright flames..”

Brightflame family photo

So with all that  said ..  the bit people don’t seem to be  understanding is   “No family is perfect… We argue, We fight. We even stop talking to each other at times, but in the end, the family is the family” I  can not understand WHY some  don’t see it this way, though truthfully sure we all have our own social and personal agendas to fulfill.  But in the end, we are a family.

Some will drift from the friends list,  some will drift back  this is how  the family is. Some won’t be invited to  return and I may be in this category  for some right now. but  I don’t hold grudges   the matter is  as far as I can see dealt with   there will be NO apology for being true to being Me.  I expect no apology from any that in their heat of being offended, blocked deleted or ignored me.  Being True to yourself is the hardest battle not to do but to understand.

One of the points made yesterday   proved without a shadow of a  doubt that  some of the family either didn’t listen to a word I said OR  perhaps  the  words got lost in translation and the culprit  was too embarrassed to  admit the  failure.   ” I am so glad I’m not yours ( ie, collared to you )  this recent  event has shown me how childish you are” The Recent event  was a series of  removals   and cleaning up my  profile and  friends lists contacts sets etc, during which some got knocked off the  “can see online ”  and some got simply removed  full stop a few got the  block  and delete  thing too..  but if you  could still see yourself as a friend you were  expected to  understand that sometimes  during  inventory or profile cleaning, you need to  mark  away or offline to achieve the  cleaning and  work  to a  good  diligent end.  IT seems to me that some didn’t wait to ask  merely assuming that  I was being   childish by removing such a tick box! even if it was  temporary ,   and the fact that you are still  on the friends list  meant that  it was temporary ! But as  some don’t seem to be getting this  picture, and  as some  are  obviously  not understanding what it is to be in a  PROPER COLLAR, as opposed to the prissy princess`s  that seem to have been  developed!…    let me be blunt here,  so I am not misunderstood .

I AM AN OWNED SWITCH SLAVE,  This is to say  that Rose Brightflame am OWNED online and offline  by ONE person  who ALONE  has my  full trust  support and  submission.    SHE alone  can command me, instruct me,  or issue  requests  that I will NOT for ANYONE ELSE  obey.   If she says  to “block the world”,  The World is Blocked. “Appear offline”  and I am  invisible,  “strip naked in the middle of this room and stand still, focus on Me  do not speak  until further notice,  no more im`s…”      yeah,  you get this picture right ? NOW I’m not saying  She ordered me to  do  ANY thing,   merely  trying to  convey  that,  She who is ,  My Mistress Brace  Mao Brightflame™  has overall  power   where I am concerned  SHE ALONE holds that  respect and trust  from me .

One point was made that still bothers me, is that  during my  time at the Mountain, my responses  directly to My OWNER, the  Woman who “OWNS ME ONLINE AND OFFLINE”   were  seen  by some as  offensive, or  obtuse.   And it was  made mention  that   perhaps I  “should tone it down a  bit” Let me  again   make this clear,  ONE of the main reasons I am so calm  is that right now as I type this to you  I am  online bound in   ankle,  wrist,  forearm,  upper arm,   cuffs. A chastity Belt   and  my  Collar  and panel gag. AND NOTHING ELSE! in fact i look like this…



Now  the freedom this has allowed me is astounding! Free in servitude,  And it has to be said  that this was never a possibility at the Mountain to achieve this heavenly state as  such a state may offend the general masses. Indeed, even setting out   pony gear for those that  do  indulge was  offensive and “frightening ”  to some of the residents as they may actually have to WORK, at being collared. And Pony play is hard Work.

Tone it down ?   More like Amplify it! until next post  Stay safe, be true to yourself  and hugs and sparkles. I remain  Rose Brightflame™­