Bound Love


So whilst hanging here on these chains I was given the chance to have a bit of a round-up on who, what, where, why and how things have changed in the past month.

And I know some of you have your doubts, some have concerns and some of you are confused, I get this impression from the repeated questions that I’m asked in email ! there are also a very rare few of you, that think “I use the blog to justify my actions in the world.” so maybe it is time to come clean, to lay it out, to Justify my actions on this blog.

“I am ME ”

There ya go simple. No hidden agenda, no secret plan to take over the world , I`m afraid there is no covert plan to enslave all the good looking ones, and turn them into mindless pain slut pony girls. ( have to say that rumour made me howl! with laughter) We are all humans behind the keys that means my friends and foes that we won`t all get along.

And it has to be said, as my daughter pointed out, ” Haters will hate” It also has to be said, some won`t see the simple kindness or amount of work put in for their benefit, that they will simply turn it on its arse and infer that its all a conspiracy of my devious mind to take over the world mwahahahahaha”

NOW line is drawn under it so let’s get the facts out there .

I no longer live on “the” Mountain at Mountain Tops.
I live on “a” Mountain with my wives, Brace and Petal.
My sisters have NOT abandoned me. Nor I them !
My prospective slaves have all been informed of their failures and released from any further action good luck to them in their future .

My career as a host to the Brightflames™ Empire is suspended indefinitely. and by Mutual Agreement.
I have not returned to Gor
NOR am I UNHAPPY at the outcome of this change in life.
My relationship with certain Brightflames™ and certain others that dance for the Brightflames™ remains unchanged in my mind as does the feelings towards those people. And these people know exactly who they are, and they know WHY, my feelings and angst towards them will remain as it did when I was on the mountain.

I am NOT fighting with nor have been fighting with nor will fight with any family member over this choice.

I do not hold grudges nor seek revenge .

I still hold out hope for a peaceful and amicable settlement to this feud knowing that the Brightflames ™ are my family and that has NOT changed.

Now to brighter notes and points.


Work has almost been completed on stage one of the Pony girl track at the New home, as has the work on the docks almost come to a completion , though it has to be said that these two projects will probably never be finished as they like the humans behind the key boards, evolve with time.


Sailing has a always been a passion of mine. And it would be remiss of me to mention the sailor that brought this pleasure to my  mind in the first place and indeed taught me how to sail. Peregreena was, is and remains in my heart,  for that gift she gave me.

So much  has changed i thought i`d share a few of those moments with you  ..

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How far  have I  come?…How fair will I  go ?…