As opposed to the usual stuff I writ here in the blog, I am going to make a  deviation  from the normal run of things.  And yes, I am hoping you will forgive me for this change of track. However, there a few things happening that I think you should be aware both in second life and in the “real world”  shop let’s hit some of the highlights.

Topless cruises.



I managed to be among the lucky people, those band pirates, the topless cruise sailors and hosts, who braved the atrocious and dangerous waters of sl, some with and some without clothing.  I blamed the salt water erosion for my own clothes!  A cruise of splendid and awesome proportions hosted by the perfectly beautiful gipsy. Sailing with my own, on board the Brightflame page 110 was a delight, I have missed,  she is a sword through the water indeed, but also it has to be said she slices through it so well, that hard turns of which there was several on this trip, can still catch you out.


Ready For the off


The after party was a chance to catch up with some old friends and some awesome tunes from the outstanding stream by Michael Peck and his partner Sara. Watching Saphy and Zz put their boats through their paces during the cruise,  and chasing zz through a peculiarly trying way point, whilst juggling a camera proved impossible for me , so no pictures of zz or saphys bum will be added to this  part from my  camera! How ever the pics you do see are from the skilled camera  of ZZ  herself ..  All in all a perfect end to a good returning cruise, and I for one hope to see and take part in many more!


I love topless cruises and the crazy nuts that, have fun sailing nearly or completely nude!  Gipsy mentioned forwarding a cruise idea or two and yes, I have a few ideas to ponder, so I may have a chat with Mistress and investigate those ideas!



A special Ty to ZZ

 for her Photography genius.




Ok, so let’s touch on this elephant that is in the room and rarely govern enough time thought or devotion to Credence. Some of you may recall that I have mentioned Kara from time to time. She was and remains a large part of my life to be featured in my dreams, prayers and thoughts for ever more perhaps. But something few knew about her, was that she started her life as Keith. A guy. Trapped in the wrong body is a nightmare that some escape into second life where they can’t for what ever reason  escape  in real time.

Kara managed to overcome the nightmare and had full gender reassignment surgery. In fact, so much so that I was with her a full twelve months ( all be it We where locked in pony gear and chained apart from each other for a lot of that time . in real  life.) Before I found out, and even then only after we had been intimate together, and only because she chose to tell me! That is how Good things were for her, but even I, am not too naive to not recognize that not all transgender women or men, as  yes this goes both ways ..  (  no pun intended)  have it so good. In fact, some of them are treated in an appalling manner.

So yes, I posted the human re-post about a legal Bill threat prevents transgendered people from using toilets which are gender specific based on some religious scaremongering, this bill lingers in a society that honestly, I hoped as a civilized society we had grown past such childishness! But all apparently “we” have not. I have to say this is damn near insane in my opinion, to find that such a bill even exists in today’s “real world” of tolerance and enlightenment. It is, to my mind it is sickening, to find that not only in legal terms but also so-called religious, enlightened, peace to all men, love thy neighbor, words of god ( re-written by man ), to treat people this way boggles the mind. that they can actually see a chance at this most pretty, childish and to my mind at least pointless limitation of a basic human need, shows just how far back down the slippery pole we have progressed.

To find this stupid and abhorrent Law and the notion that surrounds this,  it is duplicated in second life, staggers my mind. In a world where we have merpersons, giants, fairies Robots gophers! even Neko’s to kitty cats! , you may be forgiven for wondering where and why such small minded people exist to argue about such things as transgendered people in the wrong club because they present their gender differently than the society of the moment !

So lets me make a general statement, and let me make this clear and so there is no misunderstanding.

If I hear of one person so much as smirking at a transgender person around me and they are on my friend’s list, they will be given short shrift from me and removed forthwith. Should the person committing this crime against humanity, is not on my friend’s lists they will find a new and exciting chapter in Rose Brightflames™ ever increasing vocabulary.! And it won’t be pretty.

I won’t tolerate that abuse of another human in real time I damn sure will not tolerate it in second life!

Get it? Got it? GOOD!

I remain Rose Brightflame™ stay safe, hugs and sparkles x

if your affected  by any of the issues i raise in  this part of the post  please let me know,  if you  simply  are  transgendered and need a  place to relax in  jovial company  .  or you need  further   help  or  a place to  be with  like minded  individuals that re facing the same issues ,  please feel free to  follow the links I provide here in the  bottom of this post.  Rose x  .