Quietly slipping from the bed and dresses, leaving a kiss on Her lips and a soft smile, raises the bed guard and tiptoes out of the room .

Now further equipped with coffee in a large travel mug, and with the map and the tablet with me, heads back to warm the engines, and set up for a days cruise. I caresfuly un moor from the dock and with smile and waves to the night porter an elderly guy who was more than worth his wages these last few days.

We set off back into the main navigation. the suns out but its still a little chilly and I`m glad I`m wearing the gortex today as we head through the first of the nine locks to the summer bowl.

Now before I open the sleuce gate, and let the 29 tons of water cascade into the void, I selfishly slip down to check on my lover. seeing Her slumber still, I gently lay a kiss to Her forehead and speak a few words to the Goddess of the water, a moment just before retracing my steps and closing doors to minimise the noise as I begin to crank the water into the void and lift us to the first of the navigable routes.
All too soon hunger rears her head, so a soft slip into a passing couch, and monies exchanged and yes I am the proud owner of a large double bacon sarnie! Which of course I readily devoured with refreshed the coffee and checking on the slumbering owl, we push onwards towards the next lock and the bowl where I can rest and head in land (sl) to be in Her arms once more.

Rose passing under the queens bridge at antiock, you have to marvel at the engineering and the architecture, but then I noted on a blue sign the words “211” lives lost and slowed us to read the point on the sign which went on to say that “Irish navigators lost their lives in a explosives accident while cutting the tunnelling portion of the bridge ” Pondering this statement, which really brings home a few things I`ve been pondering lately I guess.. still another lock ….