Sitting in silence, only the fire for company. The wood stove crackling away, casting an eerie blow over the seats and table, as I sit in silence. Of course silence is subjective. Because even if you are deaf, there is still sound, it may not be audible , but it is there.  The mind wandering over the events of the last month or two, a a single tear drop down a parched cheek.

I am not sad. But some memories of the last month online have caused smiles, and some caused frustration, but I guess that’s how it works among the women,  who are spread over the globe and who have all found they have now than a few things in common.  Indeed, we have found a place that says with multi coloured sparkles. I love you.

It’s a question that keeps getting thrown in the air, do let’s have a swipe at it. ” Ok rose I can understand your love brace she’s online all the time like you are and you are always together, but petal? How does that work when she is hardly ever online?  ”
Actually its dead easy to answer, ” hold her in your arms for a moment, talk to her ,and listen, and maybe, just maybe you will see one hundred of the love this remarkable woman has kept bottled up. Love does not have a time clock marker, isn’t bothered by colour, race, creed, gender, height or weight. “