There are a few changes that may occur in one’s life, when you realize that a mistake you made a long time ago requires rectification. One such change oversight, was to Not collar and own the slave “dagny in chains. ” when it was obvious to all that this was a step I should have taken at the time. Since the moment, we both knew that we should. We have both taken paths that were not on the cards to either of us and it has to be said that both of us required a form of stability that we didn’t have at that time.


It would be in remiss of us both I think to say that at the time neither of us was in the right frame of mind to do what needs to be done. Yes, I know that sounds very fine looking back with hindsight, but we both understand as adults that at the time My head was filled with way too many hassles and problems to give due appreciation to the slave that desires the pain we both crave.

As my outlet for those tendencies that cannot be escaped is no longer mine to play with. It could be argued that I ” internalized” the desire and craving thatI needed and wanted, of course, I never found anyone like me, close enough for me to endure the full force of that desire that I have harbored. That said I have only found two women in sl that where even close to the desired levels of debauchery I required to make this work.

So lets retouch a base that I first pointed out in another post ( if you don’t know go look you WILL FIND IT!) And this part of the post deals with the switch side of my life. So here goes for a quote! “I AM AN OWNED SWITCH SLAVE, This is to say that Rose Brightflame™ am OWNED online and offline by ONE person who ALONE has my full trust support and submission. SHE alone can command me, instruct me, or issue requests that I will NOT for ANYONE ELSE obey. If she says to “block the world”, The World is Blocked. “Appear offline” and I am invisible, “strip naked in the middle of this room and stand still, focus on Me do not speak until further notice, no more im`s…” yeah, you get this picture, right ? NOW I’m not saying She ordered me to do ANYthing, merely trying to convey that, She who is , My Mistress Brace Mao Brightflame™ has overall power where I am concerned SHE ALONE holds that respect and trust from me .”

The title “Switch” says .. there is another side to me. Quote Two “It is something some seem to have lost recently .. people see my blog and how i react to My Mistress and think they have the right to walk all over me as a” subby slut slave ” etc etc, well LISTEN up Butter cup.. I have been in this lifestyle longer than most of you are alive.. I am a Mistress in My own Right, and that includes a Qualified Sadist and Torturer. So approach with caution if you mean to piss me off. Having been in this lifestyle, and adhering to it, as everything from it to Mentor . for the last thirty years all told online and OFFLINE .. I think i have the respect of those around me to say .. IF you have a problem with ANYthing i do, say, write or type, Bring it to My Owner Or if your really empowered enough to face me, I`ll bring My Owner to ensure fairness, but the gloves will come off..”

“Qualified Sadist and Torturer” Yes, let us get to the nitty gritty of this context today. When I am not in subby / slave mode to My Owner. I am a Mistress to My Petal. Domination and submission is a larger part of My Life and the lifestyle, I adhere to than most will probably understand. So it follows the next question being obvious ” why do you want to take another in a collar?” WELL, the clue is in the names .. “Sadist and Torturer” the opposite position on the pendulum of being a switch slave is the sadist. In this case, it’s gone pretty much unfulfilled, with mere moments pockets in time where I could be truly me.

NOW before everyone starts to whine about the idea that Rose isn’t fulfilled, lets clear that up right now. She “Brace” fulfills and balances my life. She fulfills the corners of the domination I desire to keep my nose above thew water line and She alone has my complete total and unquestionable trust. She also has a damn good whip hand and IS not afraid to use it ! ( see valentines day !)


Petal fulfills my needs to be an owner. She is without a doubt the most curious and quiet shy retiring subby, that desires and deserves so much more, and I have to say that petal`s drawbacks are time-related. But we make it work and we will endure. As I have stated before every moment with her is a treasure, every whimper a blessing.


Then along comes dagny. There are few people in the world that will sit and debate with a level of desire few can match I hasten to add the correct way to spread eagle and barbecue a slave. Yes, you heard me right! There are of course even fewer women that will simply refuse to debate it and beg to achieve it. But the cream of that crop. The pinnacle of that desire, Is a person that actively seeks the other side of the same coin you do. My desire to inflict pain, Her desire to receive it. A creative mind, combined with a desire to simply be the person She desires to be. Mixed as ever with My desire, to randomly cause pain to near death quantities, Should, in theory, be a good match.