So as you see there have been a few developments. Some change`s in position. Some change`s in “the plan” and a few changes in the way I view things.

Let`s start with the easy ones. Stepping away from a powerful addiction is not an easy thing to do . It is also not something to be done lightly. however when you have no other options, and you do step away you get a unique insight into the very addiction you were in , either from withdrawal symptoms or from the way in which others react to you. Such it has been with “The mountain.”

As sure as eggs are eggs, the events that unfolded in the Mountain, that lead us to our current situation, where notI suspect, perhaps the expected events or outcomes that the perpetrators wished to achieve. The side effects that occurred that were plain to see for those in the situation, did not, I think, occur to the main ring leader of this fiasco.
Though I am certain without a shadow of a doubt some of those circumstances are now starting to bite at the ankles fo the lady that caused this mess to begin with. I am also certain without any doubt that I and She understand`s exactly where, why and perhaps even what can be done should be done, will be done about this mess. However I do not believe in my heart that the person who was foolish even to set this ball in motion would be likewise foolish enough to stand in front of that ball and admit they were wrong, nor am I stupid enough or nieve enough to think that same person would say so to me in public or even in private .


We both knew, that once She began this course of action, the events that unfolded would hurt someone. And now that it has begun to hurt the instigator, I think, She has started to see the full horror of the time and effort that we all put into the mountain to maintain the four shows a week, And in that She must know who the course of action hurt. I Know this hurt is a reason that should have, given Her pause to step back and think it through come to us and work something out, so that the hurt does not linger, does not create more rifts and damage. but alas the pause gave her time to hide behind her ego. to smile and wave to those around to say it`s all fine I’m handling it well .. and then to cry in the darkness because she realises finally that I was not the enemy she thought I was.. And it has to be said, while She continues this attitude the rift She created widens.


My Owner, who it  is said can see both sides of this mess,  believes that ” one day we will all be together again. ” I  have placed trust in My Owner, more than some would ever understand it seems.  But this is a stretch for my mind to accept, I do not see resolved until at the very  least  the perpetrator has the guts and  courage to speak to me in public. And I have to say  I  do not think She is  that brave to do so .  I can say this with a clear conscience I do not think the love  desire and  friendship that we once  had, which was so  strong I offered her a  collar!. I do not think  can ever be rebuilt.  Perhaps this is the pessimist in me. Maybe the cosmos is wrong. oh, look flying pig.


I Offered an olive branch to an ex-niece, who thinks I am foolish and childish and nieve. It seems She is of a mind that now I’m not in the company of the Mountain and Not in her personal space with her friends new and old, That I do not know or understand what it is she is doing. such a lack of respect is not uncommon nor unexpected, from the young. Indeed, her current ” miss” also had the indecency to accuse eme of being an over the top drama queen for actually having rules in the lifestyle that I followed online and offline , Me ? I mean REALLY?… lol But she is loved and trusted enough by the nieces, to have one in a collar and the other at her clicked finger. and yet She expects Me to be her friend to be there when she needs me, to be there when her friends are not online …Dangling in front of me the hope that she would one day kneel to me once more, and ignoring the obvious fact that I have her and her family on my watchlist to keep an eye on them and the revelations of that are somewhat, obtuse.

The end result, of course, is that the niece will be gently but firmly allowed to wander off and play with her Czech Miss, and when it all comes crashing down as the Miss in question has No idea or remote hope fo actually taking charge or control of the niece in question. I will be there, of course, what I will do at that time is still left up to Her choices. Choices that should not be dictated to by her clit but her mind which was as I have stated before worth more than the sum of her situation.



She got a new fella, She is heterosexual mostly… so yeah this is for her. Her blog  her  pictures,  Her hair.  ok  ok I  have a crush  for fuck sake Im allowed a crush ..  I mean ok  its harmless, as she does not,  wont, speak to me. Probably hardly realises I`m alive,   But  you see  Her pictures do speak to me. and  yeah blush.. Any whoo ..  I think that is about it  for this  blog post. Embarrassed  myself enough for one  day

You all stay  safe  You all  remember your loved.  I remain Rose  Brightflame™