I have  with  My Owners support, begun to  clear out groups I feel,  I am no longer welcome in. It`s not been easy to do this  indeed I  too harboured hopes that as She said   the  situation  can be resolved .  But now  this morning  after seeing  flickr  and  hearing other  debates I  realise this is not possible. The idea  and notion that the past and the  regurgitated  bullshit from that  event, can be ignored and washed away  with time  were destroyed this morning, but I  think that was the idea.


It hurts  it does  more than words  can really tell,  BUT  as my Owner pointed out  “you can lead a  horse to water but you can’t make them drink,” in this case, you can lead a person to the truth but you can’t make them believe it.  And the end result is now that we ae once more at  loggerheads.

My Owner  requested last  night  “She has said she no longer wishes to hear of it ”  I am,  if nothing else willing to obey this statement.  There for this will be my last word on this  and I shall do so in a native tongue  to the person I  hold  responsible  for the destruction of the family.


I say to You, you know who you are  “~*~Trpělivost růže přináší.~*~