reblogged as the most sane item to be read today, I have to say after the mess the Real World Political fanatics ( camel face and his cronies ) and humungous backstabbing criminal fraudsters. ( mps) have concocted, this was actually a breath of fresh air!

ZZ Bottom misadventures in Virtual Worlds!

We all believed that Humanity had own a conscience and the past would not repeat itself on the most horrific of the nightmares.

Today,  to see them back and so close, the fear of extremism ruling upon billions, to watch as all we took for granted, falling apart, become a sad reality.

But for those who do not fear, the outcome is only one, Love and freedom will prevail over ignorance and cruelty.

As we didn’t let daesh propaganda invade our hearts we will not let trump’s insane ideas go ahead nor punish British ppl for its ignorance.

Love, Freedom, are the only choices we can face.

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