OK as a Mermaid,   and as a Brightflame you can imagine     that we  over size  the standard   avi   as  normal .  yes the boobs are bigger as  is the whole avi .. And yes  there si always the odd one that   gives the same  by now  tired reaction ” holy  cow   look at them udders”  or  ” OMFGG   your huge !”  or  the one i hear most  ” can you see over them tits?”

But  its rare to  be told ” I’m ejecting and banning you  ”  and  even rarer  when the  person does so   based  not on  what I’ve done or   said  but on  ”  those tits are too big that ass is too big  your  avi  offends me  your banned”  No recourse  no  argument  not even so much as a plea bargain.  SO   when you then ASK the  others who knew nothing of such a thing  based on the fact they are all system  sized avis, SAFE waters   Officer then Banned me  from the group ..

So   yeah its safe water,  as long as you have the right size and shape  avi which of course  you   are not told about  prior to  being banned!   so I’m  breaking  the rule of letting that cat out of the  bag!   IF you don’t  well your gone   and no its not in the rules of the group  it s left to the landowners  discretion !   This is probably WHY nearly all the   ADVERT boxes in SAFE waters  say  ”  to rent this space click here ”  AND more than likely  why   People  view the  “mers” with  contempt as being arrogant,   something I  and  a few others have been trying to resolve these last  few months!