Ok lets make this easy for those with  translation  difficulties ..    IF  your  ” people not wanting to hear about Rose”  I suggest  a, Not reading My  blog   AND b, NOT  then  gossiping  behind My  back OR  c,  hiding in  mute and maybe  just maybe instead of  the wild rumours You  generate  when you gossip  about me   ..  come ask me  or my owner as to their validity  MAYBE  just MAYBE  you can then  stop the rumours and    “people not wanting to hear about Rose ”  don’t have to hear about Rose as you can stop  talking about ROSE…..


I mean it`s just a suggestion, you don’t HAVE to listen to me  ..  you don’t HAVE to  sign in   and read my blog all day  either. as much as i am flattered! its  pointless really,  don’t you think ?.  as  you don’t  actually  dare speak to ME…  or ask me  about the truth ..   remember that old chestnut you conveniently   ignore when your  carefully  crafting things like rumours and gossip?



As you can see in the picture above, the amount of FUCKS,  I have to give about your  worrying  about  my  blog,  which you say ” I write to   justify   my  own existence  (  that makes me laugh  btw)” so grow up  move on  and please stop this silly bickering your hurting only  yourselves.



Instead, May I suggest  a little  yoga ..   a little   sex lets face it  you now have enough pets around you.  I know   maybe a dance or two to loosen your up  ..   take up riding or sailing or hand gliding anything to calm that  poor little stress monster in your inner being  darling, because other wise you`ll end up becoming  the vision you have of me. And from what I hear from your  traitorous  friends, ( yes you  have   them in your midst too !they are the ones that  speak to me  when your not  watching their  chat ) ..   that is not a nice thing 😛 But then  when your  whining about me   your giving some other poor sod a break ..