Laying her armour aside,in the dim fire light. A crone, rubs her hand to brace for the cooler air. A swift motion carried as though an everyday affair for a thousand years and once more the crone is naked. Save for her collar, jewellery and the chastity belt locked for her Owl. No one would mistake her from her apparently widespread published accounts,that like most rumours, have a life of their own.

Old bones remind her of her place as she carefully steps into the fire pit and half knees on the edge. Watching the flames a fascination since a girl. A calm comes over her and she begins to relax. The gut instinct to lean back on the pillar,is resisted only by the power of her submission. A simple matter to some. But to her its a duty, a pride and her mission is to obey.

Obedience is pleasure is obedience. The words still sing in the ears as if only just spoken. Relax and obey. Such simple words with so many attached commands. Her mind drifts to a warmer time, where the she was chained, and spirals ruled her life. Somewhere in that moment she forgets the pain and begins to speak.

” You could be forgiven for thinking that the recent boil in the arsehole of time, was randomly selected by the goddess to teach its servants a lesson. Those in Her grace are given such challenges to teach the patience and the essence of Her love its truth. But they are never really random! Such events it seems are given credit and time to develop. And whilst the Mother has always our best interest at heart, She is wise enough to know that sometimes tears teach better than love and light.”

She eases herself slowly from her position by the fire, to add a log from the pile, and ponders her statement. Thinking to the shamans of recent and older times, as a smile creeps over her face in recognition of a past prophecy. Looking into the flames once more, she speaks softly as the wood crackles.

“There was a time, not so long ago in the great scheme of things. When a girl was offered a place in the great long halls of a Torvaldsland Keep as Bonesinger! Of course, a girl rejected such an option but she did so only due to the balance that men could raid and would once more retake their hold on the foolish notion that the land was in anyway theirs alone to own, along with all other  life. Making the females around little better than chattel. Of course see such  notion going against the very fabric of Mothers teaching does not sit well with me. Nor will I ever bend knee to a man  Even one that wears a dress!”

“Though it was tempting to become A Bonesinger, the weighted risk was not, and so I never took the offer. Perhaps that was a mistake on my part,not to trust that the Three had set such a challenge for their servant. But I think such challenges should be, from time to time, of course, rebelled against, given due consideration to the risks.”

A woman rubs her chin thoughtful a moment and mindful of the reason to which she sits by this fire. Leaning left her hand soft grasps the silver jug and pours water cool from the kotan stream, into a rough cut wooden goblet. Setting it aside lifts the goblet and dips the cool water, wishing for all the world this was diamond draft.

” I am reminded of memories that come to slowly slide past these eyes, of peoples and person’s that I have encountered from Rana, to LadyFaire the traitor, from Dark to the light fae Kaeno all had their reasons for their actions good or bad, and all had their ideals justified by their own vision of right and wrong, need or lust. Some are fair weather friends that come for a sunny season and others ….well others like Alice came to play, and stayed. Each had their reasons their lessons to learn, or to pass on inadvertently to those that encountered them. For it would be naive of us to think that we alone are on Her tasks.”

A cruel chuckle slips past her lips, as she considered the  irony of some of those memories, and how they best now fair.

“All in all, I think I have served well, I think and being justly rewarded for my tasks. Just as I think those who made statements that were based on futile half truths now reap their rewards. Even the mighty Lady Fair, whose betrayal lead to the torture of others, whose firm position of never to sully her knees on the same floor as ours, has justly and with ironic specific attention to detail. Brought her to her truth. Which serves to remind us all how easy it would be  to let us all fall to truth.”

“Rana was executed repeatedly, before being rlv locked into a mind washing machine, Her down time was spent being raped by large black men, who it seems heard of her laughter as poor white married women were cuckolded and enslaved for her pleasure. Not to post with, but to hear their despair. Tears where ranas trade, and eventually they where her truth and justice served. But I do have to wonder, How balance will be restored for me? Will I be treated so low? Whatever the outcome,I shall bear it well for She watches over me.andI have so  few things to fear.”

“Watching the gatherings on a Sunday at caged, as Dark would sit and those around would kneel, awaiting her words, her whim. Was indeed a truly awesome and inspiring thing to watch. But reasonable balance applied to the once Great Dark, the show now her numbers are less than four to gather, and it is truly a rare find to see any of those together or knelt. Perhaps in time she will recover, was a hope, but truth is choices, she made, gives her power to two girls who wear the earned masks of Mistress, whilst paying for those same masks with their own bodies. As such caged is only a place the foolish will ever go. And so ends that memory.”

A cough splits the night as a sip is gratefully received from the wooden mug.

A sigh soft as sin belies her intent as the waterclock drops a ball to the slot, and it is time to rest once more. She gathers herself and the items she sat with and rises fluidly as a well-trained slave should, deposits the wares nd mug upon the side and then steps to the bed, pausing to revel at its patterns, before sliding her naked scarred form under the rich down.

“perhaps we will talk of other things soon” a smile over painted lips As she says a silent prayer and rests “perhaps”