Let me be clear here.I have No intention of EVER  releasing  petal My wife    My  slave , My Lover, My  Consort.. but above all else My Friend.  so  before you start trying to  make that case  you may as well pack up  and leave town.  You have more chance proving Donald Trump to be sane! Than you do  EVER  retaking the petal.  She is more important to me  than people realise. And has been since the first moment I caressed her lips with mine.

Clear enough ?   COOL   Now to the next matter that reared its head today.


What to do  since the aftermath of the event we are not allowed to speak of? The solution is  simple, elegant  and   worthy of the  people who   adorn its ranks,  we are  grown-ups  or at least supposed to be   bubbles and  jello   wrestling    notwithstanding in this context!

It does not imply  we go  backwards  but  we  forge ahead.  AND it does not  forget nor  forgive what has one before.  IT simply says  “ITS done it’s in the past  and  this is us  showing ourselves to be the family we are. ”

So let’s all consider this and  simply  agree or not  as the case may  be .  even MistressBrace agree`s it’s a solution ..!   At  your  next   convenience    come find me   or send for me and   lets hug  and have it done.  WE  both know   neither of us  wants to back  down  or   rise tot he challenges  SO  let’s do this instead and call it as we see it   WE also are aware that  this will not  return me to  the mountain  NOR will it  give me the reason to flame  or host.  neither of which WE want  in any case.

Brighter Notes

After the roaring success  of the article   Velvet  Vice,   it is now  planned  for  three  further articles,   “The    seat of the  matter and  Puppies Paradice” I will let you work out what they  refer to!…

My Daughter, saw her eye doctor today,  no pun intended,  and the news is not as bad as we feared so today  in  respect of that  AND in respect of the fact it si CANADA  day, I`ve spent the day as a vixen.27741841300_60095b81ca_o.png

Love light peace and   sparkles   Rose xxx