So  after a bit of  deliberation,  we  took the  Ushi out for a spin  on  one of the the Topless cruises. and what a cruise it was! Not only  did iI manage to  sail the entire  cruise, a rarity for me these days! But I had the pleasure and wonder of the company of both my wives! How cool is that?

Now some of you that  haven’t followed the blog for a while or don’t bother to read the  news  in the blog   ..and You know who you are! Wil be saying  ”  what the fook is a topless  cruise?”  So  let me explain it a little bit.

A Topless Cruise is….wait for it  wait for it ….   a cruise where you don’t wear clothing on the top section  of your body! and of course  I  go nude 😛 So yes a cruise not a race but a cruise where  we all  go  topless..  and  in some cases  for the really brave  sail naked.  TC   usually  run on a Monday  night in  sl . with staggered starts and all the usual  banter  and  streams  of other cruises. Just  better! and you can find them in the groups list:P some may  even  say  you can’t miss us 😛


As has previously  been  pointed out  else we in this  blog,   We  Brightflames™ are rather well  endowed! in fact, its pretty safe to say  that unless anyone else steps up, we are perhaps the largest chests   in sl waterways.  We have already  been known to hold the title  for the largest  mermaids in sl .  and this is no  different! in fact (  digs through the pics  book )  the Very first cruise I attended and sailed at   on my own ! was the first time I’d been out with the girls in public! was on a  topless  cruise!


There have been a lot of changes since then, newer larger boobs..   ink ..  and a permanent  collar around my  neck to show the world I’m owned and loved. But She too   joins me on  nearly ever cruise too  so  all good!


Even  my pain slave dags,   got into the spirit though she says  sailing with  MissRose back then  was torture! She was right too. A number of times we ended up  on the seabed  having tea with lucka and gypsy  and  dee..


So many  changes from  then til now ..


The freedom rose   was the second boat  I owned and she was my  first real attempt at paint and  colouring sails..


And you meet some superstars even if it is in the porn industry!     while you’re out sailing ,  this , for example, is Brea, she is one of the few that really changed my mind about the intelligence of some actress`s. fooking hot  too ! as it goes! So yes Cruises can be educational as well !


As long as you pay attention to the details. And  join in the  banter  and  hilarity   You should by all accounts have a  damn  fine  time of it!resupply_004


And the  sunsets are to die for! Stay  safe  stay  happy..  try to behave ..  Love and sparkles Rose Brightflame™