So yesterday  I sat   quietly  after completing the day’s tasks,  and   my  inbox popped up with the following  notice  ” It’s a special day today. It’s the day after Canada Day, it’s 2 days before Independence Day (American thingie) and it’s Haggis’ Birthday…yay!
We’re celebrating all that, the music is all Canadian though, because it’s more Canada Day than Independence Day and Haggis is denying her birthday (but we aren’t). I hope to see you all between 1 and 3 tonight”  now   those of you that  “know” me  know  I can`t resist a  dance  or party when it`s   for a good cause!.

So dressed for  today’s  task, I left the  guns aside and  went to  party  with  haggis.  It’s going to  be said  that  it`s rare  I  venture out to a dance hall these days, without Mistress or my   darling petal in tow.  But  true  enough I  Have to say  I loved  every  minute of the dance, even  enough to  coin me  from purse  to  Slanty`s   tip  jar.  Though in fairness the tunes were good  and well organised.

Being me, of course,  the evening started with the usual   jest  I’ve never heard before (  this is sarcasm:P) ” personal floatation devices?” BUT  I have to say  that was the only   remark   and the rest of the night went  very well   good banter,  a debate on maple  frosted  donuts  which   I have promised to research! There was also  discussion on  pelicans  and  peanuts obsession.

It`s rare to  find a dance hall that  has  good tunes   and company,  but  the remit for this  dance  hall   is   “(1)We will provide a community club for local residents that will include music for dancing and listening 24/7 (2) We will strive to be a recognized place for sailors and others from the entire second life community to meet and enjoy”

And I have to say  they  managed this last  night. A good night was had  and Yes I’ll happily  go  again. For others that want to  know  there is a group joiner inside the hall  and  the hall can be found around the corner from triumphal  here in fact.


So    now  let’s look at another matter, INDEPENANCE DAY..  4th of July,  some kind of holiday  for those in the  untied ( <<not a spelling mistake)   states. NOW  whilst I`m  not   against this here holiday  as its independence from  British rule which is let’s face facts a thing  we  should all strive for! BUT  its  kinda  gave me a  problem.

You see while the Sherman tanks are off   partying and  fireworks and   hot dogs  hoorah.    It means that all the directors of my fav  cruise site  are  going to be out  in  real  time,  and not here  in  the world cruising   naked. YES,  I know that sounds selfish . but  Hey  I’m  red headed and irish, in  real  time  what do you expect? .

As such I have sent my  disapproval   and   possible solution   to this  crisis!.  I`m going to  have a go at   re hosting an  old cruise  but revamped to say   ”  we  go naked!   ”  none of this  half measures   topless stuff  ..  as the moral  women that  say  topless only, will be out of earshot:P For those in the  “know”   keep an eye on your notices”


For the rest of you  !   love light sparkles and  hugs ..  Rose Brightflame


~*~Trpělivost růže přináší.~*~