By  this point in time, one or two of you MAY have noticed I  am,  for the most part, a Lesbian.  AS  such   the  most of my  relationships are with  predominantly the  Female  of the species. This does NOT say  “I  hate men!”  Nor does it say  ” I   have never known a  real man in my  bed!”  But it should say clearly!   I prefer   Ladies to guys in my  bed. OKOK   maybe not just  my  bed!


However a  debate late last  night, Brought up a point, I had not thought of. Someone mentioned, And I’m not  going to name names here. But  someone mentioned  that I had  in  earlier  posts  pointed out  that I have a  thing for a certain  She male  ( coughs ZZ) and that  may or may not  contribute  to the   whole being a  lesbian thing  as   Shemales  and  trans   are  in  some  list or other.   Which means I am not a true  lesbian.


OK  lets   clear this up,  so there is no  confusion.   It`s not about  Who you are   in real  time, NOT about  what you are  in Real  or  in  SL. ITS about how You  present yourself to me. SO  if you present as an arsehole   tada  guess how you will be treated?… If you present Female   you are treated female with all that goes with it !  if you present male  You will be  treated   accordingly   This is NOT to say  you`ll be treated less than a woman  merely  you won`t be  likely to get that  extra attention   and flirty-ness that I  seem to be  attached to:P

NOW,   It`s also  untrue that I  don’t have men  on my friend’s list, I  do  in fact some of my  closest  friends are male. And some of them   Titus  , Otto, Jasper   KREG  ( the guy with the  abba   collection.)  are Friends that I   do care about  AND  trust . OK  ? clear enough  ….


I`m still bemused by these trunks!

So to be fair  how You  present yourself to me, Is how you  will be treated,  No matter the bio  sanity of the situation. Recently,  I have had occasion to  mail One of my  top listed  crushes. ( moans softly  and  blushes Yes She knows  Who she is!)  And  during the  conversation, I had to make a statement to  assure Her that she’s Perfectly safe….Me being a raging lesbo  and Her being Entirely Hetro…to be friends….without  the benefits… so I made a  statement to allow me to clarify .

“I am Married to Two women in SL . One of which is my owner the other I own. and both I love dearly, perhaps more than I should. But so far more than I have for any online relationship”   One of these keeps me in a chastity  belt the other  keeps my morals in check   ( i`ll let you work out which ones which !)


LOVE MY OWL and My Slave wife  with all i am ..