( ok ok  hitting sim lines sheesh )


So yeah, I have been out and about  on the sl waterways, Whilst my owner has been out  and about in  rl  exploring  some  place north of  the Americas   where they  speak french ! She says it’s a vacation,  but  as  Donald  trump  gains seats,  I have to wonder if its  mero of a   fact-finding mission  on how to   find a new property  away  from the  ongoing  Crisis that  may  hit the untied  states  if  He  or  the  FBI`s most wanted  get into the white house!.  Of course, I  could be wrong…..


Now then  goto say   I`m   not  surprised  at SAFE waters   Owners latest  idea of a  slap  at me  being  oversized.  the   Buffon  has  banned me   and  added me to an eject on sight  list,  Which means that I can`t even sail past  fancy  deep  and yes that means I have to re-route all my  cruises  based solely  on the fact  the landowner doesn’t like my  boobs.  HOWEVER  as I   think the petty minded   UNSAFE waters  that   this person  presides over  are   UNSAFE its no  surprise that  this person has done this,  and I am willing to  reroute around   that  area. I just think it`s petty of  SAFE waters to  do  this. Considering that   the  ethos is to  ” help and educate  others”


And  as you can see from the above photo, I have  given  that  cretin  enough airspace! And now  sun tan lotion. So I`ve been pondering this idea for some time  maybe now is the time with some  good friends to  propose it properly! I  am Looking for  landmarks for  Lighthouses.   I have this idea about a cruise around all the lighthouses that  we can find .


So If you have a lighthouse , See a  roaming Lighthouse..  OR are near a Lighthouse  Take a snap  and send it to me,  with a landmark .. AND who knows MAYbe  you`ll get featured here! Or  remarked upon as  we sail around the landmark  on a cruise!….

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