I think we have done the stormy weather  bit to death. To be fair to all concerned  its   had its day, and the  obvious  outcome is , that  we will Not  be retracing our steps. Much as I  wish this to be untrue, it seems with  time  dwindling  away, that   it is  indeed a truth.

So what of the future? WELL,  The future was being planned while the  storm occurred, indeed  Both Me My Owl, and  my  wife petal, have been hard at  work while others  played in the sun. And together we have created both a  safe harbour, play rooms  a plenty, testing  area  for  our  boats(  of which the number grows!) and of course, a Home  safe   drama  free  and  filled with love and laughter.

I  suppose it`s a little bit  like retiring  from  service,  to now have time to  relax and sail   ride or  spend the day in  bed, without  interruptions and  constant bickering. There are a few that  I  will miss dearly,  and a few that  I  will  happily  allow to continue sliding away  into the dim and distant. and they  Know who they are  and why  they will be allowed their  ” peace” BUT, I  do have to say,  if they want to  stop that, all they  have to do  is find me and Hug .. simple! Of course, I am  expecting their pride to get in the way.

Riding as I  do  now every other day   on the  g an h  and other tracks and roads,  is like sailing. It allows me to think, I know I  know I’ve said it before , but  it really does  give me time and space to  simply  Think   about  things  people  places I’ve been  places  I  really do not wish to return to. Some of those PlacesI will miss, of course, the company  and camaraderie   where   indeed  rather awesome at the time.  But time does not stand still. And I find lately  that,   a new  direction was needed,  found accessed,  and  is now a path  towards a  future.


I cannot say where this  direction will take me, Nor  can I say with any  certainty  that  this new  path  will  not  be without  bumps in the road. What I can say  with   a  modicum of pride, Is that the friends that have stayed the course,  held me,  when the nights were dark,    wiped my  eyes when it got too much ,   or simply  said  ” fuck  em  ” and hugged me.  Those friends  will remain   on the path towards my  future.  And  we   shall share the  rewards of that   when we arrive. Till next  post, Stay  safe,   enjoy the sparkles  Rose xx

I suppose the old saying stands.

~*~Trpělivost růže přináší.~*~