The sadness that this post had to occur shocks me . the thoughtless recklessness and selfish greed of one fool making life harder and making this vision of awesomeness have to rethink how they build and share. is beyond words of disgust! Zz .and I speak often on such matetrs, but this has really shocked me that ANY one could be so callous as to take a freebie that is fully loaded and time spent on it and so on ,. and sell it as theirs is well I’m lost for words ZZ says it better.. read on !

ZZ Bottom misadventures in Virtual Worlds!

Strange title for a strange issue that Me and Saphy had to dealt with.

Being used to the spirit of Open sim, i try always to create and build for free and for all to share.

But on Second Life, we can do a lil profit by selling our products in world and marketplace, so we opened a store, both in world and on marketplace, Cybersculpts, where we put some of our builds.

For more then 3 years we keep building for pleasure and for others to share, making many items copy transfer, so any could pass and use them. All for free as the items we sell are no transfer or full perms, but never copy transfer.

One of the items we wanted to share with all, is a yatch, a tribute to Paris after the terrible attacks it suffered.

It was copy/transfer, free and available in world only…

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