So as you can  see, I  piled all my cares and worries up, adde a little go  go  juice, and set  fire to them! and they  burned  baby,  burned  like a   matress  from   the shell station!  So what of the future?  WELL   lets see ..  NEW hair doo !  new make up ..  New clothes   New out look   same owner  same  wives,    No  worries   no  responsibilities to dance  or host. In short the  Bitch Is  back  ….


So  more sailing,   more riding,   more being  Me,   less   worrying about peoples feelings,     less worrying about  family, as they obviously have their own agenda,  and  LOTS more   loving   ! red lippy….new  jewelery..   and fangs! YES  the vampy  me is Back in force!


So, Now things are clear..  I`ve made the final  cut  off day for a hug and solutions   Basteile day,  if you dont know why that day ?  you have no  business  asking!..  If you do  you know why that day  is the most  important day of the year. And the cut off day  should then be  Very  obvious.

Have I missed  anything ? hmmmm Ahh yes  Visited the  mountains old   lm   and found  its nwo a Hells Angels Mc™  bike bar  and  flop  house with   tracks  and  yes  Hells Angels!  Was  fun  to  be there   is fun to be there  and  makes for  fun times  ahead!


Till next time,  ride safe,  sail   with  good winds,  and  sparkels  Rose ” The Bitch”  Brightflame™