Jugs and orbs and darts and gourds
Elmer Fudds and bouncing Buddhas
Sweater stretchers, lung protectors
Beach umbrellas, frost detectors
Scooby Snacks and snake-eyes dice
Jell-o molds and high-beam lights
Every day I probably use
99 words for boobs

Humpty Dumplings, Hardy Boys
Double lattes, Ode to Joys
Hooters, shooters, physics tutors
Bobbsey Twins and bald commuters
MRE’s and PFD’s
Snow-white dwarfs, Picasso cubes
99 words for boobs

Gerber servers, holy grails
Whoopee cushions, humpback whales
Flying saucers, traffic stoppers
Super Big Gulps, Double Whoppers
Pillows, billows, Don DeLillos
Soft-serve cones and armadillos
Pimped-out hubcaps, inner tubes
99 words for boobs

Midget earmuffs, warming globes
Strobes and probes and frontal lobes
Knockers, honkers, knicker bonkers
Smurfs and Screaming Yellow Zonkers
Tannin’ cannons, Mister Bigs
Big bad wolves and Porky Pigs
Jogging partners, saline noobs
99 words for boobs
Two-point jumpers, Bambi’s Thumpers
Rubber baby buggy bumpers
Rutabagas, Chi Omegas
Schwag the showgirls show in Vegas
Congo bongos, bowling pins
Fast-pitch softballs, siamese twins


But when the dust settles, when the world calms its self  down, The milkers paradise, mothers   home, coffee whiteners. Torture bags.  that we  women  have to  endure the weight off on our backs ( think about it , its word play !) are as  natural  and  warm soft and cuddly   as they need to be. And before anyone gets all offended.



the  pics above are  just a few of my  incarnations… and I have worn each with  Pride,  at times when I was developing. Now if you will excuse me, Me and the girls, ( girls =   double  gs   as  requested..  yes  42 gg)  I`m off to butter the whisker biscuit, as I write the last of these  name droppers.


Love ya  all  Roseyxx