You know i`ve read Orcas post about  purges. And it`s true I`ve been a LONG  long way  to  get to this point.  Not only online But also  offline. the countless hours I`ve spent  with  My Owl, holding and  hugging and in tears  of frustration.  all came to a head.  And in the end,  my  Owl  declared the event   is never to be spoken of.  In truth  from all  I have heard, the other involved have  ceased and moved past  this  on the whole. So I set a  way   to  solve this feud.  And then to  draw the line in the sand I   gave out the  timescale for this  to  be resolved. so it`s not hanging  in the air.

Now the day  before that  timescale is  up.  the sand  has run to the bottom of that  clock,  And I’m   having a shower to   clear the air, and prepare for  tomorrow.




So  yeah I spent time today  thinking about  what has  and hasn’t been said, what has and  has not been allowed to occur,  the   vile words the   hatred.  the love .. 27671717873_82157dec3f_o

And I spent time thinking of what  tomorrow really  means


I doubt those that would solve this have the  balls  emotionally  to come find me and hug ..  a simple action that would solve this . And the conclusion is  that pain is forever..

28005803650_339e76bb82_o (1).png

So I showered,   washing the oil off..  letting the world   wash away  in the  water of life..28208856291_230d85ff4c_o

And now ..  rested,  washed. and   with new  paint on my face..  I  look forwards to  Bastille day..  and the purge that will follow.