Muster for the Sunday  cruise a  little slower than the Saturday   cruise  is always a good  banter filled  moment to   see who is with you  who is not  who is  brave  bold  and daring  and who  wants to be a part of the  club and group.  But it`s also a  great time to  check out the other boats,   good points and bad.

And so   this week`s  Rainbow Cruise  Promised to be a good run. Right up to the part when Second life Linden labs  actually  took a  hand in the fun and   ripped a  new one  outta the cruise.


As  you can see  shani (  yes we named the boat!) was starting to lean over  and  gently catch the wind as  I   followed the  nav points and   screaming  giggles of jasper (   yes  giggles  from a guy !) All was  pretty  standard for a  Sunday.



Right up  into the  coastal waterway, and then  disaster struck  there were more flying boats  than there were sailing . and those that  were not  flying  where  stuck fast  or   sent to davy  jones. it was chaos. Eventually, I  found Port Victoria  was safe thanks to  a certain  someone who   said so!,  and I   rerezzed there.  heading north to  tiki. and the RV.


So a hurried meeting was  made, and “we” re-routed through other sims to avoid the chaos. I have to say I  may  add tiki  to  the list of places to have another look at  as I  really  liked some aspects of that beach.


I`m not usually up to  catamarans  but  damn it  I   had fun catching and  keeping pace with this one .  She’s cute too   which helped!


So  whilst on the route back  slipping along  naughty  “less” (  you had to have been there   to get this  jest!) I  was  chasing  pat,  and   decided to test a few buttons  out on the skippers hud.  looking down  from mouselook   I got a shock .


Oh yes, that  does say  30.2 knots. But all too soon  the  cruise was  ended  as we turn  north  once more to  vindar,  and the  cold beer in the  ice box on the pier. Those that  survived..   gathered for a final   photoshoot.. around Burton…


And we  packed away  till next week.  If anyone  wants to  come along  The cruises are sat and  repeated Sunday.  Rainbow marina  is located   in Vindar   north of  Blakes Snug  sea.