And I  updated to  fusion 2



ahh yes Life is  …. hmm ok   lets think this out loud.28023830100_aace01185a_o.png

The past is past, the time for solving the past is past, in fact, as the very event is declared no longer available for comment and the people in question have been purged from memory, friends lists and blocked and de rezzed and muted as I promised. I ALWAYS keep my promises!

Therefore We now look to the future. If in the future these people request to my Owner to be reinstated I will obey Her decision, But I suggest waving a white flag .The future looks bright the future looks rosy. As you may have noted I have started to update outdated pics with the new avi Fusion2 and hair style change. I have to say its a dream to wear and use.

I may well write a review shortly I am THAT impressed!

so till next time LOVE light peace I remain Rose Brightflame™