​I have often wondered why it is, that I cannot describe the utter amazement at some humans and their crass attempts at humouring the situation that everyone’s known about, but no one dares to speak about with direct references.

Disillusioned by years of being fed regurgitated bullshit from people who do know better, but seek to control the masses by pointing out the obvious. Has caused the overflow into society that we see today. And second life is no exception, if anything, it enhanced the experience by the inventory of free thought even thought that was controlled and manipulated into a funnel of dark and sticky brown matter, Which, with all its pomp and circumstance has been allowed to grow. Fed and nurtured. Loved and cared for. 

Can it truly be so easy to control a thought stream? The answer overwhelming in its majority is yes it can. And the truly frightening thing about this statement is, not the fact it can be done, but who controls the question ” should it be done?”  Now that seed is planted firmly in our minds, water it with the knowledge that I know this. You know this, because I know this and is in the process of telling you this. Now what happens if you tell someone else. Either share the link, or actually read this to them? Watering the seed.
Germination of the seed, occurs moments after you decide in your mind you need to tell an other person. The amount of germination depends on if you share with just a friend, your lover wife or husband. Or if you reblog this article. Worse case scenario, though best case if I needed this to go truly viral, is a reporter stupidly thinks this seed is the ticket to stardom for himself or herself and manages to talk some old fruit network into making a mountain out of this molehill. And then the forests of this fact, will flourish in ways I can only dream of. 
But what will really bake your noodle is, and here’s the truth of this, I watered someone else’s seed. So the process was already in process as I processed it and administered it to you. Now the strangely powerful control of should it be done no longer falls to my shoulders but to you. Making you into the frightening prospects, of future choices. 
Now go a truly scarey thought. Follow these directions and I will prove my theory to you. Step one, Show this text to anyone else. Step two, Ask them publically ” what they think?” Step three, re read the text. 
I turned you into my propaganda machine. A powerful, dangerous, terror filled theory, think tank experienced virus . With the power to overturn nations. To control vast volumes of facts. To start riots or end debates. Just as I was turned. And when you smile. When you understand how stupidly simple this was, I will have achieved my goal.
If for some reason you are still not convinced. ” I Rose Brightflame™ dare you to try it yourself.