Christy Moore (after Pastor Niemuller – dedicated to the memory of Phyllis McGhee)

Am       F            Am
Black triangle, pink triangle
F            Am
Green triangle, red triangle
F             Am
Blue triangle, lilac triangle
F  G             Am
And they wore the yellow triangle

C            G                 Am
When first they came for the criminals I did not speak
F          C                 G
Then they began to take the Jews
F                     C               G                Am
When they fetched the people who were members of trade unions
F-G        Am
I did not speak
C               G        C                G
When they took the Bible students, rounded up the homosexuals
F               G                 Am
Then they gathered up the immigrants and the gypsies
I did not speak, I did not speak
F          C       E7                F      G       Am
Eventually, they came for me and there was no one left to speak


Now wake up  there  is NO  solution to   Dallas,  to  “Black   people being abused  by  white people”..  NONE   not a damn thing  UNTIL   the attitude Changes! Until people stop following   the  Dogma  BS that is portrayed  by  the media   that is   portrayed  by the    gossip  Munger’s THAT is portrayed  and CONDONED  by the government that allows it to be so.

Every  cenotaph says ” lest we  forget”  i think that should be re-chiseled. to  ”  When we can be arsed to  remember!”   Cos lets face  facts people the fuckers in charge of the paddock,  either do not give a rats ass   OR they  simply   don’t  remember the lessons they   have recently been taught!  Or they are ignoring it to incite the riots .  to  inflame the people and the latter thought there is a  Fucking scary one.