​There is a  moment when you  just “know” that  block of your mind puzzle,  the building block of your mind,  where you assemble the very conundrums of day to day life,  has fallen into its place. 
In this case,  it would appear, that the block the cosmos wished me to understand today, was love. Now, I knew I was and am in love with my owl, just as much as I knew I was and am in love with petal. No two women on sl or in real time have ever brought me to this conclusion.  Oh sure enough, I have had loves and lovers before.  Alice remarkably for an Aussie,  indeed one of my loves that will not go away.  Not that I would ever wish it so. But that love for her, is different, more akin to the love I have for a sister. And while that takes nothing from the love I have for Alice, it enhances the love I have for petal and brace, enclosing and enriching the experience.
The emotional differences between the two kinds of love reminded me that whilst I love some I have called in love with these two women. I was talking to a German woman today, on the merits of defining the point when the very feeling overtook me and then engulfed me in the divine moment as the block slid into place in my mind. And from that moment I knew that I must tell them, I must share with you all exactly how I feel. And yet this sharing is both empowering and it is leading to other topics. 
I have known to be fair since the moment we spoke, how I felt about both of these women. And it would be remiss of me not to mention that he true to form I have fallen for two women where where at the time of falling, partnered to others.   Brace of course still being both partnered and married to laya and chalcedony.  And yet something grew as a bond between us. And in that moment we both, well all three of us at two separate times, knew that the block had fallen into place. 
Today the next step in that building block session occurred. Understanding the very nature and definition of the situation that I now find myself in. Merely makes for a heart that feels full filled, balanced and dare I say it happy! .   Recently I came across a few blogs which attempted to ask if the emotional attachments through sexual relationships in second lifes virtual world, could be counted as real. The answer to this lays in a simple terms. I am real the woman behind the keys, the woman trying to type this post. The feelings I feel when I feel them are real. So the question is can I attach those self same feelings to specific characters in second life? The answer is of course yes, because those specific characters are also real people, with real feelings behind the avis.
So the lesson hs been learned, the love like the desire,and of course lust o have for these two women, I beyond measure. And very real. And the conundrum that was unresolved has been put to bed. Alice meanwhile got her lover and Mistress on the third of July, and I for one wish them both every happiness. 
Till next we speak I remain Rose Brightflame™