Snapshot _ The Wolf's Den, Jania (86, 21, 22) - ModerateAs with every evolution of the present into the future, we have a past. Our pasts in Second life, run from the mediocre ” I need and crave sex to full fill my day ” through to the more complex, ” I run two clubs several sims and micro manage over forty others” and most everything in between. WE form relationships and friendships just as “real worlders” do. Some of these relationships work for all time. some do not.

As we grow some of these events and moments fall away to other newer bigger brighter better flames in our future. And the evolution of emotions plays a part too. What was once Sisters forever Forever sisters?” is now, ” that bitch I can not stand to be around her” Or those that are quiet and shy that you now wish you had evolved into a more permanent friendship or relationship. But as with all things, the situations evolve. the feelings change, morph into other feelings Other desires other cravings.


What was once a certain fact, is now a distant dream that no longer fits the parameters of your current situation. So a sister I had now is a ” friend” but the strong bond that was there was destroyed by a trust issue, and now? Now we rebuild, we evolve the relationship between us, see where it goes or does not. Will I ever trust her again ? I do not know. But as with all things we have both evolved past the point of the event that caused the downfall and break in our strong relationship . destroyed by another’s greed In my view. So who knows maybe there will be a future for me and my former sister.


In the same vein, Daughters, lovers, and wives that were closer than ever anyone would have guessed, also evolved and adapted to a new plane of existence, were both family and even contact were no longer an option . Yet when the tears die out, when the racking sobs of the loss subside, what remains is truth. and those truths in this case after careful consideration amount to a hill of beans that were sealed in the evolutionary chain of life strands merely because those that caused the event, that changed the relationship refused point blank to fix it. And as it turns out they were involved in the confusion that is responsible for sisters turning on each other as well, the situation got heated and overcrowded and when the dust settled the evolved state we all found ourselves in was not the one we set out with .


But then that is the nature of evolution is it not? Not all evolved ideas thoughts or feelings ar right, not all of them are correct, some of them are failures waiting to happen. BUT they are ever changing and challenged to do better than their predecessors, sort of like a Mk 2 version 4.6 of the original format.


It brought me to thinking can we evolve past the core subject that incited the riot that became the catalyst to which all of these changes lead from ? Overwhelmingly YES. WE may hanker back to a time when the world runs in a way we thought was smooth of course we are human , But the truth is that simply put. we can no more go back to that than we can re-taste the fry up we first had or become virgins once more . It is an impossibility.


Why ? I hear you moan and cry, Because, we have all evolved even reading this text you and I have evolved past what was once, the point of no return.


Do you  not think ?

Until next  post  stay safe, be nice  and try  to  remember,   to  evolve. I remain Rose Brightflame™