Oh hi,  I  can often be found  sitting around in the home  but the weather is  being so  beautiful  today,  I  thought I`d sit outside. Reviewing  some things that have come to light, and  quietly stirring the collective  inventive  juices to  form  a  part of the projects we run here at  Brightflame central. For example after going through Orcas  data on coffee.


I`ve  decided this is  the last one.. for me  anyway. So what to do  what to do ??  hmmm    time to  re look at  the pony  project.  Now  then,  as  some of you know we  Bright flames are renown for having Huge boobs.   but  what a  few of you don’t know  is that  we ae  also  well known  for  utilizing VS Scalez  So   pony   ..  Bright flames  style


as for scale


So yeah   all good fun !  now to wake Her up  and  start the day ….