Snapshot_001Though, as  readers may recall I firmly believe that we do not make choices, we merely agree to the pre-written decisions that we are handed by the cosmos. We do however, have to take into consideration,  the weight and cost of these decisions.

Steering the boaty in the harbour I  am reminded that, starboard and I will head out to blake’s snug, and open water and solitude to think and spend time alone. Or port, and I could moor in vindar, with the  possibility of meeting new and interesting people some to help, some to aid me, and some for purely amazing awesome connectivity.

In this example, we see a direct weight to the choice. And whether I make port or starboard is really dependable upon my desire to be in the company or not. Other factors then cone to play. My historical nature, against my desire to complete a task,  versus the illusion of choice.

This can be simplified and amplified depending on your point of view. Headed port, would I meet someone who would change my world? Or would I change them?  The possibility is endless in its turn and options. However the same thoughts lead me to a differing question, “what happens when you purge a person?” In the same vein,  do they now not have the options to benefit of your company and wisdom?  Our do they take the chance, a choice to become a separate  person a new future.

Then of course, the weight of your choice to remove all people from your company becomes insurmountable. Because you then find yourself  in a situation where you are inadvertently or even absentmindedly responsible for the outcome of that fork in the road.of course, you cannot be held responsible  for that persona choice, nor actions from that split onwards. The moral justification of the momentarily balanced choice you made, brings only the vaguest of responsibility choices available to you.


So think carefully when you purge a friend, remove a person, ban them. From a land. About the weight of that choice, you think your making. And then click accept. Because if you got to the point where you are about to ban purge, block,mute a person. Then the cosmos has already started to teach you about the illusion of choice, and in reality, the only course to take is to accept the fate and see where that takes you.

Now you could argue that you have free will to make the other choice. You could try to buck the path you’re on, change course like a revolving door. But the cosmos will have thought it through and mark my words people, it`s already weighed the choice up. And decided how to do what it needs you to do!

You could also say,  “if the cosmo has weighed it and made it why should I?” And the answer to that is simple. “seize the day” make it Yours! Take control of your life! But you could also point out that none of these things are as important as “take responsibility for you”

And at the end, when you boil it all down and sift it out, isn’t that simple reality what the weight of choices is all about? To take responsibility for your choices.?

By the way, if you made it past the recent purge of miscreants, misfits, and those who smile to my face, and stabbed me at the same time.



I remain Rose Brightflame™