2_of_2_by_kubickiHello Again, Today`s topic of choice, is yet another rambling set words put together in a diatribe that fulfills a desire to educate the masses ( all three of you ) with a sense that you can now gauge the exact weight of the choices you make, And understand that You really don’t make any choices at all. Coupling this with the evolution of the timeline that you and I have undertaken to be right here right now reading this .

The Truth of this statement is that, no matter how hard I try, to educate you three, I cannot truly express the weight of the choices you and I make. What I can do, is give an example or two of the weight of choices I have made over the past say twelve months, and hope that you understand the importance of weighing the judgments you choose to facilitate.

Choices , as I’ve said, before are not really Ours to make, therefore we should not be upset when others make choices we do not like or understand. Why we are given the illusion that we can make a choice is still something I wrestle with each and every day. Because I believe that the choices were not ours to make but already made. would it not better explain why people can predict the other come of the choice rather than the outcome of the situation? I think It would and does.

There are usually hidden and unforeseen additions to the weight of a choice. And there are inevitable consequences to that choice that you cannot and will not be able to control. In some choices, these are simply easy to resolve and to figure out, and therefore they are simple matters. However, other choices become more complex when dealing with say emotions or sexual health, or lifestyle choices.

I am a lesbian. It`s not a lifestyle choice. it`s a fact. I could no more choose NOT to be one than I could choose the colour of my skin Michael Jackson notwithstanding!) I was born with it as a predisposition. I Have tried men, but that choice was one that simply didn’t work. It was empty lonely and shallow. I was “Bi-Sexual for a fair while ” though truth be told when I look back in that time, it was Her that I clung to he was a barbell to dangle at the office party. And I do not say this to be mean either. I think he knew, and that is why he ran away. after I was gang raped. But it was not a choice it was an evolution of the soul, to realize that I wasn’t really Bisexual, and I was not heterosexual . The weight that is now noticeable, from the choice to share my sexuality, is the real reason I shared this tidbit with you all today.

Not only was I vilified, for my sexual desires and wants needs, lusts, and love. But the amount of people who think it`s Cool to be “me” increased. A Fact I found and still find Shocking that anyone would ever wish to be me. And I used the excuse that I saw people’s eyes practically glow when they learned, that I loved to be with other females of the species. This I find, has a lot to do with the media! And the media’s portrayal of sexuality. However the point I make here is that people added to the responsibilities and the expected credit almost that was given over as a way to justify the choice I made to come out of the closet. As Mhairi Black said recently ” I can`t come out, I was never in ” And the choice was not mine.


Then add to this unseen event that is triggered by the impact of my statement for example. I am repeatedly told that I can be cured of my “phase” of sexual depravity. by the achievement of finding the ” right man” Or by being taught how to really appreciate that man. And in some states of those Untied States of America, I can be “Raped straight.” I actually was given a flyer some time ago professing that the systematic trauma I could be allowed to face would render my soul compatible to god and clean out any unnatural devices of my sinful situation” The Person who gave me this then went on to check my boobs, my ass and as a parting shot pointed out that ” all joking aside would you like to have dinner”? The collar around my neck served me in the finest way as I explained, I am an owned a slave to a Woman, who was not only cruel but hyper jealous. Dinner was withdrawn.


The weight of these choices I`m not making, weighs my heart down, right up to the point where I sit with a cuppa, looking over the prow of my boat, both physically and figuratively , in the worlds of blake`s sea and the grand union canal, and I touch my collar, and it all drifts into the nightmare of someone else’s problem. The Weight lifts from my shoulders, the sun comes out and I can deal with brighter happier issues.


She Who must be obeyed, states “Know you are loved, beyond measure.” It is not just words. It is a truth. A truth that is shared. between three people. And yesterday proved to me, that I am right. You see Yesterday, My owner gave me a free reign, to strip away the things in the sim, the castle, the items in the castle, pony track and stables and other things. And redesign them, change them, Evolve them. OKOK and lower the prim count. If my Owner was a worker for the “irs” instead of a prim counter, She would make the treasury rich! < inserts seriously loud giggles > But it was in truth getting to be a little top heavy, so time to prune as my friend Klew points out in her garden. And prune I did. from terrain edits to deleting stuff to making wholesale changes to Our home.

She let me, She trusted me enough to let me rebuild the home sim, ( it is not completed yet, but I am getting there. !) We took time out to go dancing at slanty`s. I have to say the tunes and banter work for us, and without a doubt, the slow dances that we managed to undulate around the room in, made the experience perfect. The only way it would have been better petal taking a turn around the floor she has nice legs to dance with! I miss my petal more each day as her net connection is being a man . ( stubborn and not connecting the dots that make the signal work!) I am assured she will be back soon.


I worry a lot about petal perhaps more than I do Brace, Brace lives in a land where the greatest threat to her is one of two new candidates for presidency one is a lunatic the other a criminal. Petal , however, lives in a war torn country, where the people and the government spend their nights throwing burning fluids at each other and blaming everyone else for the choices they are not making. I know what your thinking, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Syria Afghanistan? No worse than that France.


So yeah I`m worried for my friend, my lover, my wife, for my little one. In this world   virtual  or real. We are weighed  and  judged,  measured and  held responsible for the  weight of choices we often do not make.  And those  “choices” determine  Our future as a Race.

Guím paidir do na Trí, le chun féachaint thar a chosaint agus a threorú na lovers agus cairde teaghlaigh agus mná céile de mo chuid ama ar an bplainéad. Guí mé go háirithe go bhfuil mo dhá breá choimeád slán ón domhan naimhdeach go bhfuil sé thar a bheith soiléir, spreagtha, agus claonta a chur i mbaol go bhfuil mba cheart dúinn Treasure is mó. LOVE, beag beann ar inscne, inscne, féiniúlacht ghnéasach, dath do chraiceann do chuid súl do chuid gruaige. a fhoireann tacaíocht a thabhairt duit. Ní mór LOVE Shine tríd