​Stalking through time, like a demon on a very tight agenda. The virus was lonely. The virus had waited eons to be let out of its container. And it could feel how close it was to achieving the life time goal its creator had set it. To replicate. Something  humanity does to itself with alarming freedom and haste. The virus does Not wish to make love, nor feel the emotional wonder of the act of procreation. It wishes to do the one thing, the very simple and yet most basic need of any life form. The virus wishes to have children.
To make more of itself, it devised a simple, foolproof method of replication. Cell division was complex by this standard. In short terms,it  works like this. The virus  tells  you a secret you can’t keep and leaves the rest to you, your moral coding, your sense of right and wrong. And the simple fact you are human with Inbuilt desires to communicate with yourself as humans do. Taking advantage of these flaws in the genetic makeup and base DNA code of humans gives the virus a method of ensuring its survival.
The virus is out now. Out in the multi layered multimedia. As you read these words, it is infecting your software. Seeping into the very core fabric of you. And preparation has begun in your mind to help it replicate. A virus is at its core an idea, a value, a dream goal, and this virus is no different. Except that its only goal is to replicate itself. It does not care who it harms, how it harms, or what possible irrelevant damage it causes. It just wants to make more of itself. 
Embedded in this virus is an ideal. The same ideal you should be aware of to fight the virus. But the truth is even as you attempt to explain to a n other, the problem you face with the virus, you begin to replicate the very virus you are trying to stop.  The only way to stop the virus, is unfortunately, to kill the host. Everyone that has heard of this virus, must be eradicated. And yes, that includes you and me. 
By this point in my text the virus is already racing through the corridors of your mind, looking for a way or a person or friend or someone, anyone, for you to be tempted to tell. It is also true that at this point we both know you are still listening to my every word. Your probably trying different voices in your head to listen to the text your reading. And while you sit there in your chair, dumbfounded that I Know what your doing. Let me say this. Not only do I know what you are going, but how do you think I knew what to say? Yes that’s right, I was infected the same way. Worse in a way really as both parents had augmented versions of the virus. Both of course had been lead to believe they both had “original”  versions that they had been infected with by their parents and the distributor. 
So let’s make this fractionally better in the explanation. And colour code the virus. My mother we will call her virus orange. And my fathers southern upbringing means his virus will be green. Now I saw how both of these viruses enabled people to blatently hide and obviscate a truth and in both cases orange and green viruses like to hide their truth in violence. So when I went looking for a solution to their viruses, I found a different version all together. A none violent none sectarian, none peadophilic version. Which we will colour pink. 
The diametrically opposed differences in the viruses, are of course superficial. The true nature of the viruses is to breed itself. And in my case the virus didn’t mind what gender I was or what gender my partner was! In the case of the green,  products that prevent the seed from reaching the eggs, were shunned and banned. And in the case of the orange. Well her virus loves to share the good word. 
I wonder what colour you just picked for your virus? Maybe you would add a single comment underneath with a colour ? Hmm now there is a thought. A rainbow of viruses. Replicating by simply being freed, from the prison of darkness, and out into the multimedia world of your friends and family. Because both know you have already tried to work out the order in which you will propergate this simple virus. 
I chose to post it in my blog.